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Heat Pump Installation in Chicagoland

Heat Pump Installation in Chicagoland

It’s commonly said that two is better than one—but when it comes to heating and cooling your Chicago home, that’s not always the case. By installing a heat pump, you can rest easy knowing you have one efficient system maintaining the comfort levels in your home year round. If you’re looking for a single-source system to provide your home with heat during our blistering winters and cool air during the blazing summers, look no further.

North Town Home Services is a family owned and operated business with over 87 years in the HVAC industry, making us the authority in the Chicagoland area for your heat pump installation needs. Our service is award-winning; we consistently receive an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and our clients are always happy with our work—read the testimonials! The technicians who we hire to work in your home receive training directly from the products’ manufacturers, making them the experts in heat pump installations.

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Heat Pump Installation

The most important day in your heat pump’s life is the day it is installed. In order to ensure your heat pump consistently provides your home with comfort over the next few years, you need a skilled and reliable team that knows how to properly install the heat pump—that’s where North Town Home Services can help. Our technicians are trained to provide Chicago area homeowners with unparalleled HVAC installation services so you can sit back and enjoy the comfort your heat pump provides.

To schedule heat pump installation in Chicago and the surrounding areas, contact us online!

Why You Should Choose a Heat Pump

Heat pumps are a popular choice to add to your home to help decrease the cost of your energy bills and ensure you are delivering heat to the exact locations your home requires. Heat pumps work by making cold air from the exterior of the house warm and then targeting that heat to where your home needs it the most.

Financial Savings

There are significant financial incentives to installing a heat pump. You will see energy savings in your monthly bills, with other aspects of your financial savings including:

  • Your utility savings can save you 25 – 50%  more in electricity than with conventional heating and cooling systems
  • Heat pumps deliver more heat per unit consumed than a standard HVAC unit
  • You can recoup your investment in your utility savings and by incorporating the payment into your mortgage

In addition to North Town Home Services’ affordable rates, there are tax credits available at both the state and federal level for installing a heat pump.

Environmentally Friendly Characteristics

Geothermal heat pumps are a green asset to your home, helping eliminate the burning of fossil fuels. The EPA identified them as the most environmentally friendly heating options for your home. Heat pumps can be added to new homes or when retrofitting a current home.

Reap the benefits of heat pump installation in Chicago, Illinois by giving us at call at 847-999-4600 or contacting us online.

How North Town Home Services Helps You Pick the Right Heat Pump

We make sure that you get the right unit for your home. The size of the heat pump you will need is based on the square footage of your house. If you choose a heat pump that is too big, you lose the energy savings that you would have gained.

Our heat pumps are installed by trained, certified technicians. We hire drug tested and background check employees so that you are comfortable inviting our techs into your home.

North Town Home Services for All Your Heat Pump Needs in Chicago

We look out for our customers, knowing that in choosing a heat pump, you are making an investment both in your home and in the environment of your family. We will always be upfront about pricing, giving you all the information you need to decide that installing a heat pump is right for your property.

Our maintenance agreements are a great way to ensure that your heat pump is performing at its very best so your home is well heated and you gain the most in financial savings!

To schedule an appointment with a trained technician to evaluate your Chicago area property and options for a heat pump installation, get in touch online or by calling us at 847-999-4600.

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