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Heat Pump Maintenance

Chicagoland Heat Pump Maintenance

Home appliances break at the least ideal time and heat pumps are no different. To avoid a broken heat pump while you’re preparing for Thanksgiving dinner with your extended family or in the middle of an ice storm, regular heat pump maintenance is necessary, catching problems before they arise. While we also install and repair heat pumps with our 24/7 emergency services, our maintenance plans allow you to take control of the future of your heat pump.

North Town Home Services has been serving the Chicago area since 1927, so we are established in the community as a great company to work with. Our clients leave positive testimonials because our work is thorough, efficient, and of outstanding quality.

For heat pump maintenance, get in touch through our contact form or call us at 847-999-4600.


Common Heat Pump Problems

It is not unusual to face one or more of the following problems with a heat pump:

  • Low airflow that prevents your home from heating properly
  • Coil buildup that affects the unit’s functioning
  • Leaking ducts that leave moisture in your home
  • Noisy system including rattles and squeaks
  • Temperature irregularities that can’t be adjusted
  • Incorrect refrigerant that can leak chemicals

Heat pump maintenance through our preferred plans work to prevent these issues through regular tune-ups of your unit. If we see the potential for a problem through your heat pump, we tell you immediately in an effort to avoid costly malfunctions.

Our Heat Pump Maintenance Plans for the Chicago Area

Our preferred plans include individual plans for refrigeration and cooling services, heating services, and a combination of the two. You can choose the plan that works best for your home.

Our Comfort Care plan, which covers HVAC services, can include the following heat pump checks:

  • Ignition system evaluation
  • Tightening of loose parts
  • Chemical leak fixes
  • Fan belt adjustment
  • Electric terminal inspection
  • Filter replacement
  • Motor lubrication
  • Compressor investigation

Dirty filters, coils, and fans inhibit a heat pump’s ability to heat your home at optimal levels. To prevent damage to the compressor, we inspect the unit and its component parts.

Our Complete Care plan includes both HVAC and refrigeration maintenance, an excellent choice if you want entire home preventative maintenance.

North Town Home Services for Your Chicago Heat Pump Maintenance

When choosing the right company for heat pump maintenance in your home, keep the following in mind about North Town Home Services:

  • We’ve been family owned for 88 years, so we treat you like our family and your home is respected by all our employees.
  • Our services are award winning, with an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau, a high rank on Angie’s List, and a world-class Net Promoter score.
  • We hire factory-trained technicians who learn their craft directly from the manufacturer.
  • All our employees are drug-tested and background-checked to ensure we know our technicians who will be fixing your home appliances.

Call us at 847-999-4600 or fill out a contact form to begin your heat pump maintenance to prevent costly breakdowns!

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