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The Importance of Regular Maintenance for Your Kitchen’s Refrigerator


Are you wondering about how to preserve the life of your refrigerator but not sure how to put your ideas into action? Do you want to make sure your refrigerator lasts your family as long as your house does? Do you want the benefits of North Town Home Services’ expertly trained technicians and prompt scheduling when there’s a problem? Then our preferred maintenance plans are perfect for you!

How Our Scheduled Maintenance Plans Help

When North Town Home Services takes care of your most important kitchen appliance, you can rest assured that our pre-scheduled maintenance checks cover the following aspects of your refrigerator:

  • Clean Condenser
  • Check Evaporator Drains/Pan
  • Check Fan Motor
  • Check Evaporator Fan Motor
  • Check Frost Patterns on Coils
  • Check Temperature
  • Check Light Operations
  • Check Door Gaskets
  • Check Door Alignment
  • Check Hinges & Closures
  • And more!

Why We Believe in Refrigerator Maintenance

You invested a substantial amount of money in your refrigerator, so taking proper care of it just makes sense. Regular maintenance on your refrigerator can:

  • Maximize your investment
  • Protect your warranty
  • Reduce your energy use
  • Decrease your utility bills.

Our maintenance plans offer thorough care for your refrigerator from our top of the line technicians.

Call us at 847.999.4600 or fill out our contact form to talk about maintenance plans for your home appliances!

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