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Why Does My Dryer Smell Bad?

Clothing dryers are a great convenience to have in your Chicago home, keeping you in clean clothes and out of the local laundromat. However, like any appliance, they can encounter some troubles from time to time. Is your dryer giving off a funky odor? If so, North Town Home Services has some answers for you!

Important Note on Dryer Electrical Problems and House Fires

If the strange odor you are dealing with smells like burnt wiring, combustion, or igniting lint, you should immediately stop using your dryer. If the dryer is currently cycling it is best to shut it off and not use the dryer until it has been serviced by a professional. Lint is extremely flammable and dryers are responsible for a staggering percentage of home fires.

How to Deal with a Smelly Dryer

Thankfully, nearly all of the solutions available to you are simple. The real question is if there is something you can do on your own or if your problem is something that should be addressed by professional appliance repair technicians.

Homeowner Solutions for Dryer Odors

If you’re dealing with a funky smell and need a solution now, start with these tasks:

  • Remove the lint screen and wipe it down, being sure to remove all lint. If the lint does not come off easily, washing the lint screen with gentle soap and water works well. Be sure to let the lint screen dry fully before reinserting it!
  • Wipe out the lint trap if it is easily accessible. If the trap is not easy to access, using a vacuum extension can work very well.
  • Mix a solution of bleach cleaner (1:10 ratio of bleach and water in favor of water) and wipe down the inside of the drying machine. Be sure to wring the rag or sponge you use out thoroughly. Don’t soak the dryer’s internal components, just wipe it down and use a disposable rag or paper towel to dry afterward.

To avoid odd smells in the future, we recommend doing these things:

  • Never load your dryer with clothes that are soaking wet
  • Always clean out the lint trap after every cycle
  • Do not leave dried clothing in the dryer for long periods of time

Dryer Odors That Require Professional Service

If our dryer cleaning tips didn’t solve your problem, you’ll likely need to call for an appliance repair professional or schedule dryer maintenance. The remaining potential issues include:

  • The dryer vent hose. The vent hose is the silver, flexible hose line that runs from your machine to the external dryer vent. This tube is constructed rather large to allow a free movement of air and discourage lint buildup, but a buildup can still happen from time to time.
  • Your dryer vent. As is the case with the vent hose, the exhaust vent that sends warm air out of your home can also become clogged, which can lead to musty, moldy odors (and a poorly performing or damaged dryer). You may be able to clean the vent yourself, provided that the vent is easy to access and you have the tools to remove the vent.

Professional Dryer Repair in Chicago, Illinois

If your clothes are coming out smelling musty and moldy instead of clean and fresh, call on North Town Home Services! Our appliance repair teams can provide superior dryer repair services, and they are trained in the service of all dryer brands and types.

Contact us online to schedule clothes dryer repair in Chicago, IL or call (847) 999-4600!

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