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Why Is My Viking Refrigerator Beeping?


Viking refrigerators are known for their reliability and quality, but that doesn’t mean something can’t go wrong from time to time. One of the features of Viking’s refrigerator line is alarms that can sound if something is wrong. Yet when the alarm is going off and you don’t know why, it can be frustrating. Here is a closer look at some of the reasons that your Viking refrigerator may be beeping and what you can do to stop the problem and the sound.

The Door Is Open

One of the most common causes of a beep from a Viking refrigerator is having the door open. Both the fridge and freezer doors have this alarm, and if the door is open for more than three minutes, the beeping will start. This helps you prevent an accidental thawing in the freezer or loss of food because the fridge got too warm. To stop the alarm, simply shut the door. If you need the door open or feel the alarm is not functioning properly, deactivate the alarm by pressing “Alarm Off” or “Options” then “Door Alarm is On.” Either option, depending on your model, will stop the beeping.

Temperature Is Too High

If the temperature inside the fridge or the freezer goes above normal operating temperature for long enough, it will set off the high-temperature alarm. If you notice the alarm going off and do not think it is because a door is open, check the temperature. Lowering the temperature will stop the alarm, or you may have to deactivate it in the same way that you did for the door open alarm.

Thermistor Problems

Many Viking refrigerators also have thermistor alarms. The thermistor measures the temperature in the refrigerator, then communicates that temperature to the thermostat system. If the refrigerator senses a problem with the thermistor, it may sound an alarm.

The Sensor Is Malfunctioning

Any time you have a sensor connected to an alarm, you can face problems from a malfunction somewhere along the way. Replacing the sensor will fix the problem, but you need to be certain there is no other problem present. For that reason, you may want to have an appliance repair professional take a look.

Dealing With a Beeping Viking Refrigerator? North Town Home Services Can Help!

If alarms for your Viking refrigerator keep going off, you may need to have your refrigerator serviced by an appliance pro. North Town Home Services can come to your Chicago home and determine the cause of the beep so you can put a stop to the annoyance and ensure that your refrigerator is working properly. Whether the issue is simple, like a malfunctioning sensor, or more serious, like a temperature problem, our team can get to the root of the problem and offer affordable repair solutions.

Give us a call at 847-999-4600 or contact us online to discuss your Viking refrigerator concerns today.

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