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Why Is My Sub-Zero Fridge Freezing?


Is your Sub-Zero refrigerator getting a little bit too cold? Are you stuck dealing with frozen food items, constant frost, and odd noises from your fridge? If yes, you’re not alone—this problem is quite common, and the service team at North Town Home Services is here to help you understand why this can happen and what to do about it.

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What Causes a Sub-Zero Refrigerator to Freeze?

An important thing to understand about refrigerators is that while they’re fairly simple overall, they depend on a very specific balance of things in order to operate effectively. When an issue prevents the system from operating as it was designed it can lead to operation failures like freezing, or occasionally, refrigerator leaking.

The most common problems that cause a Sub-Zero refrigerator to freeze include:

  • Incorrect temperature settings. Finding the right balance for your temperature settings can be difficult at times, and can be complicated by how many items are in the refrigerator. If you have altered your settings recently, there’s a good chance that the temperature is simply set too low.
  • A damaged or incomplete seal. If refrigerated air is getting out and room-temp air is getting in, your refrigerator will have a hard time keeping up. This leads to problems with the refrigerator maintaining pressure and correct temp, which will lead to the formation of ice on the refrigerator; most typically in this situation, ice will appear along the door seal, or on the interior of the Sub-Zero refrigerator door.
  • Refrigerator condenser complications. The condenser and associated compressor are the critical parts of your refrigerator’s refrigeration process. If they are worn down or dirty, it can lead to an inefficient process where the refrigerant isn’t cycling properly, which leads to excess cold that can freeze the refrigerator, and the condenser itself.
  • Clogged defrost drain. All modern Sub-Zero refrigerators feature a defrost cycle, where the fridge rids itself of excess moisture and frost. This is all carried out through the defrost drain, and so if the drain is dirty or clogged the refrigerator can begin to ice over—this is also commonly associated with a Sub-Zero refrigerator that is leaking from the bottom.

How Can I Keep My Refrigerator from Freezing?

Just as it is with any tool or machine, the most important thing you can do to avoid trouble is to ensure the system is well maintained, and repaired right away if necessary. Take these steps to avoid refrigerator freezing and frost:

  • Ensure that the refrigerator is not flush with the wall, which can lead to a lack of space for the condenser fan to circulate.
  • Make certain your refrigerator door seals stay unobstructed by cleaning them with warm water on occasion. When you clean the seal, be sure to check for signs of cracking.
  • Schedule refrigerator maintenance! The number one best thing you can do for your system is to ensure that it gets proper, professional-level care. This helps avoid breakdowns, frosting, refrigerator leaks, and early refrigerator failure.

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