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Why Is My Range Hood Leaking?


Most of us never even notice the hard work our stove hood ranges do to keep our kitchens clean of air pollutants and sticky cooking residue … that is until they stop doing that work. Even worse, if your Chicago home’s range hood begins leaking it can do the opposite of its intended purpose, leaving your stove top splattered with grease, cooking oil, or water.

Thankfully, if you know what your range hood is leaking, and why it’s leaking, you should be able to get your hood back to ventilating properly in short order.

Looking for help with your leaking stove range hood? The Chicago range repair experts at North Town Home Services are here to help. Contact us online and see what we can do!

What Causes a Stove Range Hood to Leak?

There are a few different reasons a stove range hood may begin to leak fluids down onto your burners and stove top. First, you have to ask: What is my range hood leaking?

My Range Hood Is Leaking Grease or Oil

Your filter is full – Like most appliances that filter air, your stove range hood ventilates using one or a series of filters to catch air pollutants. Over time, these filters will become full or clogged with oil and grease. When that happens, your hood range can’t do its job, so make sure to remove and clean the vent’s filter with a degreaser once every couple months or so. If your range hood uses a cup or trap, the same applies to them.

Your range hood needs cleaning – Grease, oil, dust, and other gunk can build up inside of your stove range hood over time, and so you need to be sure to open the cavity and give the whole system some TLC from time to time. Be sure to disconnect your stove from any electrical source before doing this, however—you don’t want to risk a nasty electric shock.

Your fan isn’t working – This one is pretty obvious. Needless to say, if a key component of your range hood is broken, your kitchen air isn’t getting ventilated. If you notice your vent fan spinning slow—or not at all—then that’s a pretty clear problem. You may have a loose or broken fan belt, or you might have simply put your filters in backward after cleaning them.

My Range Hood Is Leaking Water

You have a leak somewhere in your system – Whether the pipes venting your range hood aren’t at the correct angle, you’ve got a leak somewhere in your shingles or roof, or your hood range has a leak somewhere, the problem is essentially the same. This can be one of the harder problems to solve, and you’ll most likely want to call in an appliance expert who can accurately identify the problem and offer the best solution.

Your pipes aren’t insulted enough – One of the most common reasons a stove range hood may be leaking water is lack of proper insulation. On colder days, the hot, steamy air being vented may be hitting parts of your piping that are freezing cold, forming into condensation, and dripping back down.

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If you’re still not sure what’s going on with your stove range hood, or you don’t quite know how to fix the issue, leave it to us! Our team of appliance maintenance and repair experts know the ins and outs of range hood systems.

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