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Why Isn’t My Dryer Drying Properly?

Dryer Not Drying?

Have you just pulled a load of laundry out expecting clean, dry, and warm clothing only to find that your dryer is leaving clothes damp and gross? Or maybe you need to run a load through two or three times just to get your clothing dry enough. These problems are very frustrating, we know! That’s why the appliance service experts at North Town Home Services are here to provide you with some answers and solutions.

Troubleshooting for a Dryer That Isn’t Drying Properly

Let’s first start with some possible causes and solutions that you can handle easily on your own. If you feel unconfident in your ability to do any of the following, there’s nothing wrong with calling the pros at North Town Home Services!

  • Check the lint trap. While a full lint trap isn’t likely preventing proper drying by itself, it can reduce healthy airflow, which can steadily increase drying times long-term. This can also cause the vent hose and exhaust vent to clog up, which will completely rob your dryer of the ability to operate correctly.
  • Check your dryer’s exhaust. With the dryer operating, go outdoors and check the dryer vent. If there is no air coming out or there is very little air movement, it’s likely that you have a buildup of lint in the exhaust hose that needs to be removed or that the vent hose is bent or kinked in a way that prevents airflow.
  • Ensure that the clothing you are loading isn’t soaked. Dryers are designed to dry clothes that have first gone through the spin cycle in the washing machine, which rids the clothes of excess water. If the loads that you put in are too wet, your dryer will need multiple cycles to get the job done.

If none of the above issues seem to be the problem, or if the problem is not evident after a simple inspection, it’s time to call for a professional. This may be a sign that your dryer is broken, but it’s also very possible that a simple repair is all that is needed.

In a worst-case scenario, it is also possible that the heating element has worn down. This is not a common problem to have as a dryer heating element should be able to last for years without replacement, but it does happen.

Schedule Dryer Repair in Chicago, IL

Stuck dealing with a dryer that won’t do its job? Don’t stress! The appliance and dryer repair experts at North Town Home Services have you covered. Since 1927, we have been providing expert appliance repair service, as well as repair and replacement services. Our skilled repair teams are licensed, certified, and available any time to provide the swift repair services you need to get back to normalcy in your Chicago home.

You can schedule service any time online, or give us a ring at (847) 999-4600 to speak to an appliance expert now!

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