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When Should I Schedule an AC Tune-Up?


If you’ve spent any amount of time reading up about HVAC systems or keep up with the North Town Home Services blog, you’ve probably read more than once that professional maintenance and tune-up services are super important. They preserve your cooling system, reduce the risks of repair, and even help to improve efficiency.

But just as much as why it’s important, the when is a pretty big deal, too. When should you get AC maintenance, and does the timing really matter at all? Well, today you’ll find your answers to that and more!

Spring is right on our heels, and it’s about time to set up your maintenance and tune-up appointment with the North Town crew. Contact us online to set a date!

When Should I Get AC Maintenance in Chicago, IL?

The first distinction to make is that maintenance is not AC repair. It, in fact, is supposed to help prevent it! Air conditioner maintenance and tune-up services are designed to help your system work at its best, helping you to cut cooling costs and overall get a lot more comfort. And so, of course, it stands to reason that you would want to get service right before you need your AC in order to maximize your benefits.

Early spring is typically the best time to set up a tune-up and maintenance service. At this time, you’re not quite reliant on the system, so having it serviced isn’t inconvenient, and it stands to provide you with the most gains. What gains, you say? Well, by getting your maintenance before the summer sun begins to swell, you get:

  • The assurance that your system is in solid order. When you kick on your air conditioner this year, what do you want? Comfort in the form of a nice, welcome blast of chilled air, we’d expect. What you don’t want is a system that coughs, sputters, potentially even dies, and overall just does a bad job. Maintenance now ensures that absolutely will not happen, and that your system weathered the winter hibernation well.
  • Good efficiency and low cooling costs right off the bat. HVAC is our business, and we love it, but we’d be kidding ourselves if we said cooling costs are negligible. Keeping that monthly utility bill down is of paramount importance, and there’s no better way to do that than to get system maintenance before you first start up the system.
  • A much reduced risk of mid-season repair. We don’t have the worst summer climate, but any local can tell you well enough that we get more than our fair share of heat. And if your AC goes on the fritz, you’re left at the mercy of a really, really angry sun. A timely tune-up service ensures everything is in fine working order, and reduces the risk of a repair service or breakdown exponentially.

There’s an argument to be had for getting maintenance at the end of a summer, too, but if you only choose one, now is for the best.

Spring AC Service & Tune-Ups in Chicago

The team at North Town Home Services specializes in maintenance services! We carry the tools, the knowledge, and the experience needed to ensure your system is working at its peak this year, and we’d be more than happy to help you get the reliable and cost-effective cooling you deserve! Contact us online today to schedule your service, or to learn more from our certified HVAC team!

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