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What to Do When Your Heat Goes Out


When your furnace or heating system goes out in the dead of winter, you need repair services from professionals that have you covered. And at North Town Home Services, our certified team of emergency repair experts are proud to provide fast response times and peerless repair services. That said, it’s going to be a few hours, and in the meantime, you are cold! What should you do?

What to Do When Your Heating System Goes Out on a Cold Night in Chicago

First up, be sure you call in for repair services right away. We respond fast, but winter is super busy and it’s still going to be an hour or two, so getting the ball rolling as soon as possible is critical. But what should you do in the meantime? Here are some tips for keeping warm:

  • Seal absolutely everything. Close the doors, seal and cover the windows, and prevent anyone from entering or exiting—seriously lock everything. Every entry door opening or check of the fridge loses you potential degrees, and the name of the game right now is retention.
  • Flip on your ceiling fans. Warm air does indeed rise, and you can use your ceiling fans to rope that heat back down to your level. Set your fan to run on a low setting and in the clockwise rotation to knock that precious heated air back to floor level.
  • Decide to cook dinner early. Cooking of course generates lots of heat, and staying busy helps warm you up as well (and passes the time while you’re waiting on our team). This is a preferable option to using space heaters as well, as the process serves a dual-purpose, thus wasting less energy. Not hungry? Make a pot of tea on the stove or take this opportunity to learn how to bake bread! Unless you have a gas oven, that is. Never operate gas-fueled appliances when you might have an electrical or gas related issue.
  • Eat a lot. Use this time as a great excuse to consume a lot of calories! Stocking up on calories keeps your internal furnace stoked, helping your body to stay warm over short periods of time. So bust out the candy and chips and indulge a bit.
  • Sport a fancy hat. You may have heard that you’ll lose body heat faster through your head than anywhere else, but that’s not really the case. Still, this old tale has some truth as well. Your body will rapidly expel warmth through any exposed body part, which for most of us, is our head. So toss on any hats you have nearby, preferably something wool-knit. Although even an old cap will pay some dividends in warmth.
  • Turn to space heaters. We tend to warn folks off of space heaters. Not because they’re bad. In fact, they’re pretty solid as an auxiliary heat source. The problem is that they eat tons of energy to keep you warm, and can make your energy bills skyrocket. Try our other tips first, but if it’s a bad one here in Chicago (as it often is), go ahead and bust out your space heaters. To get more mileage out of them, stay in one room and seal the doors/windows.

24/7 Emergency Furnace Repair in Chicago, Illinois

If you’re experiencing issues with your furnace this season, it’s important that you get them handled quickly and reliably. The experts at North Town Home Services have been providing professional, high-quality furnace repairs to the residents of Chicagoland since 1927, and our factory-trained and authorized techs can fix any issues you’re having with your system.

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