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What Is Appliance Maintenance?


You know well that major equipment in your home, or that you use routinely, needs the attention of a professional from time to time. We seek maintenance for our HVAC systems, vehicles—anything heavy that needs service to keep working at its best. But today the team from North Town Home Services is here to bring up something folks might be forgetting: their appliances.

Our service professionals have been proudly serving Chicago and its homeowners for generations. We’re the name to know for comprehensive home care! But what exactly is appliance maintenance, and why is it so important? Well, let’s talk about it!

Looking for a reliable team of certified professionals to provide appliance maintenance for your chicagoland home or business? Contact North Town Home Services today to schedule the best!

So, What Exactly Is Appliance Maintenance?

Well, maintenance generally means routine care and service. What exactly that entails for your appliances is going to differ according to what appliance we’re talking about. All systems need routine cleaning to keep working at their best, but everything ticks a bit differently, and so a service say your refrigerator needs (water line checks, etc) is going to be something entirely different when we’re talking about an oven (element inspection, for example).

To kind of blanket it all, we can say that appliance maintenance aims to provide comprehensive care, including cleaning, diagnostics, checks, and similar services in order to preserve, protect, and optimize your home systems.

Why Is This So Important?

Well, we mentioned the high points of it above: preserve, protect, optimize. When you choose to purchase and install an appliance, you want something that is reliable, good at it’s job, and serves for a good long time. And in order to get this, you need to ensure that appliance is getting proper maintenance!

When you pursue professional maintenance from a team that specializes in comprehensive care, you’re ensuring:

  • Optimal performance. If you want your crisper crisp, and for your microwave to actually cook properly, maintenance is pretty important. As in, the most important thing. A complete check of all working parts and in-depth cleaning ensures your system does its job like it did the day you bought it (unless it was a rough start, then it’s going to be better than the day you bought it).
  • Longevity. Replacing appliances can get expensive, and while things get better every year as new tech is developed, that price tag rises along with it. When you buy an appliance, you want it to last, and if you plan on hitting that projected warranty date, you’re going to need professional help.
  • Less repairs and malfunctions. Appliances are very diverse, and so are their problems. Many homeowners just deal with a burner that doesn’t heat, or a fridge that freezes half of the items in the fridge. But you know what? You don’t have to! A maintenance check includes diagnostics, and our professionals carry the knowledge and skill to resolve these issues, so you don’t have to deal with them.

Appliance Repair & Maintenance in Chicago, IL

Ready to get started getting the appliance service and care you and your systems need? Contact the professionals at North Town Home Services! We’ve been Chicago’s leading professionals in appliance service for over half a century, and we’re proud to bring our patrons the best!

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