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6 Ways to Tell if Your Dryer Is Broken

Is your dryer just not quite getting the job done, or are you stressed out trying to troubleshoot what the problem might be? At North Town Home Services, we’re old hands at understanding what makes an appliance tick. Read on to find out common causes for dryer failure, broken dryer belt symptoms, how you can tell what’s going on, and when it calls for appliance repair!

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6 Common Signs of Dryer Damage: How to Know if Your Dryer Is Broken

The good, or “goodish,” news is that common signs of damage don’t tend to share many symptoms, so once you’ve identified a particular sound, smell, or problem then you can make a pretty quick diagnosis. Keep an eye out for these:

  • Drum won’t turn. If the dryer drum isn’t turning, but the dryer itself engages when turned on, you probably have a belt issue. There’s a very simple and somewhat small belt responsible for maintaining the tension that keeps a drum moving, so if it’s damaged or worn it can stop normal rotation.
  • Heat feels weak or insufficient. Is your dryer running normally but failing to heat up at all? The most common cause is the heating element. This can be fixed, but we would recommend calling a dryer repair expert to handle the task.
  • Dryer refuses to start. The most common cause of a no-start state is a failed or broken door sensor. As a safety measure door sensors are installed in all dryer systems. If this is damaged, it will tell your dryer that the door is not closed, which prevents normal operation. The sensor is usually located on the bottom front of the door itself. It’ll be connected to simple wiring.
  • Banging or popping noises. A sort of rhythmic or intermittent thump will mean another belt issue. This tends to happen when the belt is worn out, but not quite broken yet. It becoming loose is causing the drum to move erratically, producing the unusual noise.
  • Squealing or grinding. Loud metal grinding or squealing noises tend to indicate an issue with the motor bearings. This needs to be a professional job, and honestly, it needs to be handled fairly quickly. Damaged bearings will quickly lead to a complete dryer breakdown, and can cause further damage if not fixed soon enough.
  • Dryer stops mid-cycle. While cycle stops can indicate an electrical issue, more often than not it will mean your dryer is overheating. This can be caused by blockages in ventilation, so begin by clearing all lint traps and inspecting your dryer vent for a clear passage of air. If all is well there, the issue is more likely to be electrical.

Dryer Repair Services in Chicago, IL

Did you find your problem, but now you need professional help? No problem! North Town Home Services is a certified washer and dryer repair contractor. We’re happy to provide you with the complete repair and maintenance services you need, or we can also help you troubleshoot a frustrating dryer problem as well.

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