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How to Fix a Washing Machine That Won’t Spin


It’s one of the most common washing machine problems and one of the most frustrating as well: you get your laundry together, load it into the machine, pour in the detergent, shut the lid, and start the washing machine up—only to find your clothes still soaking wet at the end of the cycle. It’s certainly an annoyance and can cause a lot of stress if you have no idea what the problem might be or how to avoid it happening again with your next load.

Not to worry! North Town Home Services has you covered, and this article will cover the various reasons behind a non-spinning washing machine, as well as how to go about diagnosing your own machine. So before you go calling for repair service, see if any of these tips help!

Reasons Your Washing Machine May Not Be Spinning

  • The machine is unbalanced. It might sound odd, but if your clothes have clumped together on one side of the washing machine’s drum, they might not spin properly. Just to make sure this isn’t your problem, reposition your laundry evenly throughout the drum, close the lid, and see if it spins.
  • The machine has power issues. ‘Have you tried unplugging it and plugging it in again?’ This question can apply to most electronics, and even if it seems silly, check your washing machine’s power cord to make sure it is plugged in properly. While you’re at it, open up your home’s circuit box and make sure the machine’s breaker hasn’t been tripped.
  • The lid switch isn’t making contact. If your machine’s lid switch isn’t working, not only will your machine not spin properly—it might stop during other cycles or stop working altogether. If your machine begins to spin when you hold the switch down with your finger, the switch isn’t making contact and may need to be replaced.
  • The drive belt needs replacing. This is an easy one—open your washing machine and try to manually turn the drum. If there’s no resistance, you may need a drive belt replacement—a healthy drive belt will cause the drum to resist being turned.
  • Water isn’t draining. If you open your machine to find the drum still full of water, the problem might lie with your washer’s drain hose or pump. Checking the drain hose is as simple as examining the ends for obstructions or blockages. If something’s there, remove it, let the water drain, and the spin cycle should start up. Checking the pump is a more involved process, requiring you to unplug your machine, open the access panel, and inspect the pump for clogs.

Why Contact an Expert for Your Washer Repair?

These problems are all fairly simple to recognize and diagnose. However, some problems are less simple to fix, and many of them call for repairs or replacements. If you’ve gone through the checklist above and are still at a loss, your washing machine may have a broken drive motor, motor coupler, transmission, or malfunctioning controls. It’s always in your best interest to contact an appliance repair specialist, to make sure that your washing machine stays in perfect working order.

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