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Help! My Viking Refrigerator Is Leaking!


Having issues with a leaky Viking refrigerator in your Chicago home? The certified appliance experts at North Town Home Services have your solutions! We’ve been providing Illinois homeowners with clear solutions and perfect repair services for years, and our seasoned specialists have seen it all. From diagnosing the cause, to fixing the problem, we can have your needs met quickly and effectively.

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Why Is my Viking Refrigerator Leaking?

Finding the cause for your leak is half the battle, especially since there are some smaller issues that can cause this that you can handle all on your own. We’re about providing the services you need, and if we can give you a fast and easy remedy, we’re more than happy to do it!

Common causes for a Viking refrigerator leak include:

  • A clogged defrost drain. Ice forming, chips of ice, and food debris can commonly get clogged in your defrost drain, blocking regular flow and generating a leak. This is a very common issue among refrigerator repairs and can easily be handled by a professional! You may attempt to clear the line yourself if the clog is visible, but if you cannot make a visual confirmation of the issue, be sure to leave it to the pros! We have the tools needed to perform the fix both safely and quickly.
  • Breaks in the seals on your freezer door. If your refrigerator is an older model or just plain old, it’s possible that the seals around the doors may have become compromised. This is an easy problem to spot, as the seals will be sporting cracks and damage or portions of it will be missing altogether. Supply stores and factory wholesalers may keep your particular model’s seals in stock, in which case you might attempt the repair on your own. But if you do, be absolutely sure you can do the job flawlessly. Any mistakes at all, and you’ll have wasted a lot of time and money.
  • Leaks from the base of your refrigerator. Normally, water from the defrost drain safely makes its way down to the drain pan located at the bottom of your fridge no problem. Once there, a fan facilitates evaporation and things continue as normal. But very rarely the pan can become cracked or damaged, often by moving the fridge or due to age. This is a professional repair for sure!
  • Damaged or loose water filter connection. If your Viking refrigerator features a water filter, the filter may have become damaged or disconnected, which would allow water to accumulate in places it shouldn’t, eventually resulting in a leak.

Contact a Professional for Your Viking Refrigerator Repair

Why work with an expert at North Town Home Services? We’ve been bringing the best service, products, and repair skills to Chicago for years! Our expert technicians have tons of experience in handling Viking products, and we can provide the repair services you need flawlessly and quickly, returning your home to normalcy as soon as possible!

Contact us online or by phone at 847-999-4600 to schedule your Viking appliance repair or maintenance services today.

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