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Top Appliance Trends in 2018


It’s the start of a new year, which means it’s time to start making goals for what you want to achieve in the next twelve months. Typically, New Year’s resolutions revolve around improving your personal life, such as learning a new skill, finally taking a vacation, or eating healthier. But have you thought about what home improvements you want to accomplish this year? If your home has outdated or faulty appliances, now’s a great time to make a change!

The appliance experts at North Town Home Services have their eye on these 2018 appliance trends to help you get ideas on what updates you should make to your home in the new year!

2018 Appliance Trends: Kitchen

Minimalism Is Here to Stay

The trend toward minimalism is expected to stay strong and continue into this year. When it comes to kitchen appliances, homeowners are looking to re-do their spaces with state-of-the art technology that’s streamlined. Instead of overwhelming your space with dark, bulky appliances, opt for built-in options that are as functional as they are good looking. Below you’ll see how seamlessly Bosch Benchmark® appliances integrated into this three-flat in North Chicago.

Bosch Benchmark Appliance

Induction Cooking Is Heating Up

Induction cooktops have been popular in European homes for years, but this year they’re taking America by storm. These unique cooktops work using electromagnetism, which gives almost instantaneous temperature response. No more worrying about your pot boiling over or your food scorching! With a new induction cooktop like those from Wolf, electricity flows through a coil which generates a magnetic field under the glass ceramic surface. When a pan is placed on the cooktop, it connects to the current and instantly generates heat. The best part? Only the pan gets hot, not the cooktop. No more worrying about kids in the kitchen or accidentally burning yourself. This top appliance trend of 2018 is powerful, efficient, and incredibly precise.

Point of Use Refrigeration

Picture a typical refrigerator. Chances are, it was tall, rectangular, and an eyesore in your kitchen. But that’s all changing in 2018! Homeowners are rethinking traditional refrigeration options, and we’re seeing an increase in point-of-use refrigeration options, like these from U-Line.

Point-of-use refrigeration allows you to completely customize your kitchen’s cooling needs and adding it wherever you need it. From counter-height produce crispers, to a wine cooler in your island, to a water cooler in your home gym, to a beer fridge next to your outdoor grill, point-of-use refrigerators aren’t your typical dorm-room mini-fridges. Depending on the brand and model, you have the option between shelf positions, full-extension slide-out bins, as well as compartments with customizable cooling and humidity options for deli, produce dairy, or anything else. 2018 is the year for complete control and customization to keep your food fresh and your beverages cold, wherever you want them!

2018 Appliance Trends: Laundry Room

Year over year washers and dryers evolve into quieter and more efficient versions of themselves. Although this is true for 2018, there’s much more in store for these appliances. Home automation and smart home technologies are making their way to the laundry room. High-end appliance manufacturer Kenmore recently debuted the Elite® Smart Washer, which connects with your smartphone that allows you to remotely start a load, tell you when it’s done, and notifies you of maintenance needs. Laundry may still be considered a chore in 2018, but with the latest technology, it will be an easier one.

Our Appliance Experts Can Help You Keep Up with New Trends

Since 1927, North Town Home Services has been connecting homeowners in the Chicago area to unique, high-end appliances from many of today’s top appliance brands. From refrigerators to ovens to washers and dryers, we believe your home’s appliances deserve the best service available!

No matter what new appliance you add to your home in 2018, North Town Home Service’s experts are your go-to specialists for high-end appliances in Chicago. Our factory-trained technicians provide service for the top brands in the industry, including Sub-Zero/Wolf, Viking, Thermador, and many more.

If you’re in need of appliance repair services in Chicago and the surrounding Chicagoland area, call North Town Home Services today for the highest quality customer service!

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