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Why Do I Have Suds Leftover in My Washer?


Washing machine leaving your clothing sopping and sudsy after the cycle ends? The problem is common enough, but no less bothersome, resource eating, and time-wasting. Want to know how to solve your excess soap woes? The team at North Town Home Services have the solutions you’ve been looking for!

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Finding the Source of Your Suds

The first step to solving nearly any problem is assessing where the issue comes from. Luckily, there are actually only a couple of problems you could be having in this situation, so we can use a simple process of elimination to suss out your needs. Let’s start with the simplest and work our way down:

Too Much Detergent or Cleaning Liquid

This is easily the most common cause, and is a very simple and easy to do user error. Each washing machine is designed to handle very specific amounts of washing liquid, and many machines even require specific types of detergent be used (in the case of HE washers, a detergent labelled as HE specific must be used). If you’re having trouble with a washer that is loaded with soap, try rechecking your amount of detergent used.

A Buildup of Detergent

Over time many washing machines will begin to accumulate trace amounts of detergent after each wash. The amount is negligible for a good while, but will eventually build into a considerable amount that will result in excessive suds after wash cycles. An easy enough fix is to attempt a “cleaning cycle” for your washer to remove the built-up mess (this may take more than one cycle if it has been a while).

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Excess Water & Soap After Cycle

A much less common but much larger problem is when your machine fails to drain completely, or at all. This issue has many potential causes, some of which are easy to catch, while others are a bit more troublesome:

  • Hose and drain clogging. Clogging is the most common cause of this issue, and can be easily remedied by a washer repair professional. You may also be able to handle the issue yourself if the affronting clog is caused by a small item of clothing (socks, undergarments, etc.), which can simply be carefully removed.
  • Pump malfunction or failure. A pump system is responsible for draining your washing machine and the pump is just as susceptible to damage, wear, and malfunction as any machine part. This is why we suggest keeping up with appliance maintenance!
  • Pump belt damage. Belts will wear out and snap over time causing the pump to fail.
  • Lid switch malfunctions. The lid switch essentially tells your washing machine that it is closed and it is now time to operate. If the switch is damaged, worn, or aged, it may fail to operate or operate sporadically, essentially causing your washing machine to play “red light green light” with itself.

Washing Machine & Appliance Repair in Chicago, IL

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