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Sub-Zero Refrigerator Repair Troubleshooting 101


Dealing with a malfunctioning appliance can be annoying and stressful, especially when the appliance in question is as important as your refrigerator. If you’re having difficulty troubleshooting a problem with your Sub-Zero refrigerator in or around the Chicago area, check out this quick and easy troubleshooting guide for help! You can also simply call (847) 999-4600 or contact us online to schedule a repair service today!

Problem: My Sub-Zero Refrigerator is Freezing

If your refrigerator is constantly forming ice on the inside, you could be dealing with one of many problems, some of which you may be able to resolve or others that may require professional refrigerator repair services. Here’s how to try and troubleshoot this refrigerator problem:

  • Inspect the seal on your refrigerator door. If the seal is dirty or wearing down, it can expose your refrigerator to humidity and warmth, which can make the fridge overwork and begin to form ice.
  • Check your thermostat settings to make sure they are correct and are not set too high.

If neither of these easier fixes helps, you could be dealing with a damaged component in the defrost system or a condenser drain clog, both of which require professional Sub-Zero refrigerator service.

Problem: My Sub-Zero Refrigerator is Leaking

A damaged door seal can also be the cause of this refrigerator problem, as the ice that would form inside the refrigerator would be consistently unfreezing and leaking out around the door. If the leak is on the underside of the refrigerator, it’s possible that the drain pan, Sub-Zero refrigerator water inlet valve, or the water tank may be experiencing issues.

Here, it’s important to point out that the water inlet valve can be visually inspected by a homeowner with relative ease—the inlet is located on the back of your Sub-Zero refrigerator, in the bottom area. If the large nut holding the inlet in place is loose, this could be the cause of your leak, and this is quite easy to simply tighten.

Problem: My Sub-Zero Refrigerator is Not Cooling

Before calling a professional for this problem, check the settings on your Sub-Zero refrigerator to make sure they are correct. Also, make sure your refrigerator has power (an easy way to check this is to simply see if the light comes on when the refrigerator door is open). If the refrigerator has power and is set correctly, you could be dealing with a component issue, such as:

  • Dirty condenser coils: These are located on the bottom side of your Sub-Zero refrigerator. If the coils are dirty, the refrigerator will not be effective at achieving and maintaining cold internal temperatures.
  • Condenser or compressor failure: The condenser and compressor are both important parts of your refrigerator. Common issues with these parts include condenser fan failure (the fan can be easily inspected for obstructions and cleaned) and total compressor failure, which means that the compressor pump would not be operating at all.
  • Evaporator fan failure: If your freezer is plenty cold but the cooling compartments are not cool at all, you’re likely dealing with an evaporator fan failure. The evaporator fan is responsible for circulating cool air from your freezer to your refrigerator, and if it’s not working, your freezer will be cold, but your refrigerator won’t be.

Problem: My Sub-Zero Refrigerator is Freezing Food and Drinks

This could, once again, be a simple problem with the thermostat. So, check the thermostat settings first to make sure they are correct. If they are correct, then you could be experiencing an issue with the thermistor, which will require professional appliance repair. A common red flag of a failing thermistor is that your fans may be running too frequently.

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