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Why Isn’t My Sub-Zero Ice Maker Making Ice?


There is nothing quite as refreshing as a nice tall glass of your favorite ice-cold beverage after a long day’s work or play, especially during the warm spring and summer months. When your Sub-Zero ice maker is malfunctioning, however, cool relief can seem like a distant dream. Fortunately, the problem with your ice maker could be something simple that you can fix yourself, without the need for a service call from the North Town Home Services team.

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Troubleshooting Your Sub-Zero Ice Maker

Before you pick up the phone to schedule repairs, try the following troubleshooting tips.

  • Check the Water Filter: If you haven’t changed the water filter recently, mineral deposits could be interfering with the water flow to your unit. It is recommended that you change the filter every six to twelve months, following the instructions provided in your Use & Care manual.
  • Inspect the Ice Maker Arm: In order to produce ice, your ice maker arm should be in the down position. If it is in the up position, simply turn off your freezer, return the arm to the down position, and restart your unit. If the arm has become damaged or disconnected, it may need to be replaced or reinstalled.
  • Check the Ice Bucket: If the ice bucket is not replaced correctly, the ice maker will not operate. Check to ensure that the ice bucket is snug and that it is making full contact with the electronic switches in the back.
  • Check the Water Line: Kinked or poorly connected water lines disrupt the water flow to your unit. Inspect the water line and reposition to remove kinks. If you notice leaking, be sure to adjust the connection between the water line and your unit.
  • Check for Jammed Ice Cubes: Carefully remove any ice cubes that could be interfering with ice production. If blocks of ice are stuck, a common hairdryer can usually fix the problem. Simply turn it to the lowest setting and aim it toward the obstruction until the blockage can be easily removed. Once you have removed the blockage, restart your unit.
  • Low Water Pressure: Sometimes low water pressure can cause water to freeze in the fill tube. If this happens, pass your hairdryer over the line in a back and forth motion until the obstruction is melted. Again, be sure to use the lowest setting on your hairdryer and maintain continuous motion to avoid damage to the plastic piping.

If none of these solutions produce satisfactory results, it may be time to schedule a service call from a professional.

Professional Appliance Repair from North Town Home Services

Even the highest quality appliances like the Sub-Zero brand require professional maintenance and repairs from time to time. When your ice maker malfunctions, or you experience other Sub-Zero appliance related issues, having a highly trained service professional who is familiar with all of the components of your appliance and is experienced with advanced troubleshooting can make all the difference.

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