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4 Ways to Stay Warm When Waiting for Emergency Furnace Repair in Chicago, Illinois


The word cold doesn’t even begin to describe a Chicago winter. It may take its time winding up, but once it’s here, it lets you know in brutal fashion. That’s what makes a furnace breakdown so frustrating, and such a quick source of stress. But don’t fret, because the certified HVAC professionals at North Town Home Services are on the way!

But in the meantime, you’ve got some challenges to wrestle with. We’re pretty great about getting you a fast response, but even with our immediate attention, you’re still looking at a couple of hours left to the mercy of our weather. Looking for ways to stay warm while you wait? We can help there, too.

How to Stay Warm While You Wait for Your HVAC Technician

Prioritize these tips, and you’re sure to stay (somewhat) toasty until our experts arrive:

  • Go into lockdown. Shut absolutely everything that can let in a draft. This means draw your curtains, cover up the windows, and block the bottoms of doors that have a gap. You’re essentially attempting to retain what heat you still have, and these areas are notorious for thermal bleed. For the best results, you’d do well to huddle up into a single room if possible. And if you have a second floor, make it up there, since it will stay warmer for longer than the downstairs.
  • Eat some heat. Hit up the kitchen and get cooking! Cooking appliances generate a bunch of heat, and some hot food can do you a lot of good. Not only will the hot food warm you up on its own, the calories provided will feed your body’s internal furnace. Besides, cookies (or bacon) make everything better.
  • Have a plan ready. When you live in areas like Chicago, it’s a really good idea to have a setup to deal with this issue. The best solution would be something like a fireplace installation or a wood-burning stove. But if you’re not up for shelling out on that, some space heaters can do wonders. Oil-filled radiators are the best for sheer power, but even a compact ceramic space heater can stave off the chill.
  • Cover up. So, that whole bit about your head losing the most warmth is a little bit inaccurate. The truth is that your body will lose heat from anywhere that is exposed to the open air, which for many folks, is your head. So when the furnace goes out, slap on a comfy hat and bundle up with some layers. Even a ball cap can make a difference, but if you’re going for a real warm option, see about getting a wool-knit cap.

If all else fails, there are other last-ditch solutions, too. Go grab a bite at your local deli while you wait for us to arrive. Hang out in your car with the heat blasting. But no matter what option that you end up going with, know that help is on the way!

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If you’re experiencing issues with your furnace this season, it’s important that you get them handled quickly and reliably—that’s why we offer 24/7 emergency furnace repair services in Chicago, Illinois and the surrounding areas. The experts at North Town Home Services have been providing professional, high-quality furnace repairs to the residents of Chicagoland since 1927, and our factory-trained and authorized techs can fix any issues you’re having with your system.

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