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Your Spring Cleaning HVAC Checklist


The faintest hints of spring weather are finally sweeping into Chicago, but we’ve still got a little ways before the heat of summer drives us to kicking on the AC. Now is the perfect time to do some spring cleaning for your HVAC system! Not sure how to get started or what needs doing? Count on the team at North Town Home Services to have you covered. Just follow along with this simple checklist and you’re be well-equipped to take on whatever the warmth might bring.

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Why Do I Need to Prep My Chicago Air Conditioner?

Preparation and precaution are your best ways to keep energy-efficiency high, your comfort at its peak, and the system itself away from breakdown down on the hottest day of the year. The cooling system has been in hibernation for a long string of months now after that brutal and long winter we’re still shaking off, and during that time it has accumulated any number of messes and potential risks.

In short, prepping now avoids problems later. And saves you money at the same time! If you’re groaning and envisioning a long, arduous list of tasks, though, you can rest easy. Homeowner AC maintenance is quick and simple as long as you know what to do.

Follow These Steps for Ideal AC Operation

  1. Change your air filter. A clean, fresh air filter will keep air flow healthy through the vents and ducts, reducing the workload on your AC unit and thus saving money and boosting comfort. It also helps to tame pollen counts and dust in your home, helping to minimize allergy symptoms and increase air quality.
  2. Clear away dust and debris around the unit. For similar reasons to what we just mentioned, clearing away dust and mess from around the unit and in the room the indoor system is housed will keep the gunk out of the AC. It also gets rid of a common potential fire hazard, which is a nice bonus benefit.
  3. Inspect the outdoor unit. Once you’re done cleaning the indoor bits, take a walk around your home to check the outdoor unit. And debris should be removed with a stiff broom to promote effective thermal transfer, and it you spot any fins that are bent go ahead and realign them (any blunt tool does this just fine—just don’t break any fins!).
  4. Perform a test run. On a warmer day, give the system a start and allow it to run for one hour. Carefully listen for any odd noises, check all of the vents for effective air flow, and ensure the system can hit its assigned temperature in a reasonable amount of time. We will repeat, though, do this on a warm day, so probably not this week. If you run the system on a cooler day you risk depressurization, which can cause the system to freeze.

Don’t Forget to Schedule HVAC Maintenance in Chicago!

Once you have your end squared away, it’s time to call on a maintenance professional for your annual inspection and tune-up! A professional service is the absolute best way to prevent problems and ensure the unit is in perfect operating order before summer settles in.

Looking for Chicago AC maintenance professionals near you? Contact North Town Home Services online now, or call (847) 999-4600!

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