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Spring Indoor Air Quality Advice


We’re getting our last few sputters of winter here at the moment, but spring is on our heels! For the most part, this means pretty weather and good times. But unfortunately, it also means a return for pollen, dust, and many other indoor air pollutants. Looking for ways to keep the air clear and clean in your home as the seasons turn over? If so, North Town Home Services can help!

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Advice for Keeping Indoor Air Clean in the Spring

The air in your home can be many, many times more thick with common pollutants and allergens. Why? Mostly because air and dust come in, but they don’t tend to go out unless we do it ourselves. The buildup accumulates fast, and pretty soon you’re sneezing and coughing while fighting a losing battle against the mounting dust on your furniture.

Start by:

  • Controlling incoming debris. Allergens only really have a few ways of getting into your home, and knowing this, we can control what comes in a great deal. Start simple, by putting mats at your doors, and taking off shoes when you come in. Keep the mats clean, and you’ll get a lot less foot traffic dust, which is actually a really big deal.
  • Routinely cleaning fabrics. Everything from curtains to bedclothes will pick up nearly invisible dirt, skin cells, and mites. And unless something is actively done about it, they will keep them! Many a musty home is created by ignoring fabrics, so set up a routine of cleaning all of these weekly.
  • Paying attention to carpets and flooring. More than half of the dust and debris in your home ends up on the floor. From there, foot traffic and pets will push it around, knocking it into the air, onto fabrics and furniture, and into your lungs. In an ideal work, you’d swap to hardwood floors, as they’re way easier to clean and don’t as adamantly hold onto dust. But in lieu of a complete renovation, shampooing and vacuuming routinely will do.
  • Replacing your HVAC filter. And continuing to do so throughout the season. If you’ve ever changed a filter, you know they get downright gross. And all of that dust, pollen, and yes, even mold gets kicked right back into the air in your home. Replace your filter with a fresh one at least every other month, and more often if you’ve a busy home.

Complete Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Upkeep and home cleaning are all well and good, and can keep things somewhat manageable at least. But are you looking for a more effective, more complete, less costly, and less time-consuming solution? If yes (and the answer is probably yes), look no further than indoor air quality systems!

North Town Home Services offers homeowners in the Chicago area the best, most effective IAQ solutions around, including:

  • Air purification systems. Purification systems zap mold and bacteria right out of the air, making your home healthier and better smelling.
  • Air filters/cleaners. Filters and cleaners remove the vast majority of dust and pollen from in home air, helping reduce allergy symptoms and improve overall air breathability. They keep a lot of the mess off of your floors and furniture, too!
  • Humidifiers. Proper home humidity makes for better, more breathable air, helps to reduce allergy symptoms, and even can help improve HVAC efficiency.
  • And more!

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