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Spooky Sounds Your Furnace Should Never Make


Halloween is right around the corner, and soon the streets of Chicago will be flooded with ghouls, ghosts, and all manner of holiday frights. But while it’s all fun and games outside, there are some frights you should keep an ear out for in your home as well.

HVAC system haunting you this autumn? Let the experts at North Town Home Services clue you in on the common bumps in the night your heating system can make (and what to do about them)!

Frightening Furnace Sounds

Odd furnace sounds are a particularly insidious issue, as many of them indicate component damage that can lead to a total breakdown or further damage for your HVAC system—sometimes even leading to needing a complete system replacement. Keep your ears open for these spooky sounds:

  • Rattling like chains. Hearing an insistent, repetitive, and metallic sound from your HVAC system? Your most likely cause is a loose or damaged moving part, like a blower motor. This sound is often the precursor to a breakdown, so be sure to contact us right away.
  • Wails and howling. If your furnace is shrieking like a banshee, you’re most likely looking at a problem with your heating system’s belts and bearings. Over time belts tend to crack and wear out, much like they might in a vehicle. These will need to be replaced rather quickly before they wear out completely, however it probably isn’t a sign for emergency repair services as long as you get it handled soon.
  • Rap tap tapping. It isn’t uncommon to hear a brief series of clicks from your heating system as it kicks on. But if the sound persists, either while the system is running or long after it cycles off, you likely have a problem with the electrical components or connections.
  • Spooky sounds from outside. Rattling and loud metallic rasps are signs that your blower fan has been damaged, and left alone this issue can demolish your exterior unit. If you hear this, be sure to shut off your heating system and seek immediate repair services.
  • Blood-curdling screams. It may just be the neighborhood spectre, but you might also have a failing compressor unit. If the sound is high pitched, but slightly muffled and coming from outdoors, be sure to call our experts immediately.

Don’t let the ghosts and ghouls get you down this fall! Whether you need a full HVAC system exorcism, or just a bit of professional repair, our experts are equipped to handle your every heating system need. If you catch one of the sounds we listed above, rest assured our certified team can bring you fast, effective solutions you can depend on.

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