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Five Signs That It’s Time to Call for Furnace Repair


Dealing with a flawed, misbehaving furnace here in Chicagoland is just a no-go. It hasn’t been the heaviest winter we’ve ever had this year, but the chill winds have been out in force! So of course, a furnace going out is one of the worst things that can happen. Want to know when you need the help of a pro? If so, the experts at North Town Home Services are here to help!

The certified HVAC service team here at North Town Home Services has been providing top-class repair and emergency service to patrons in Chicago for almost a century. We always put your needs first, and part of doing that is ensuring you get a fast, spot-on service any time you need it.

Need furnace repair services that are as accurate as they are quick? Contact North Town Home Services today!

Telltale Warning Signs You Need a Furnace Repair

Recognizing signs is actually a very, very important thing to be able to do as a homeowner. More than anything, you want to avoid a total breakdown, and being able to read warning signs is the best way to ensure you never deal with that scenario.

Keep an eye out for these bad furnace behaviors, and you’ll always know when to call for furnace repair:

  1. Spiked heating costs. Barring an unusual amount of use, heating costs tend to remain within a fairly predictable range. Strange fluctuations in this cost can be one of your earliest warning signs of a problem, so when this happens, calling in for service can save you a lot of discomfort and repair costs in the future.
  2. Strange sounds. A furnace making odd sounds is pretty much always going to relate to a loose, damaged, or worn out part. This is kind of a late warning sign, since things have already gone wrong, but calling for repair right away is critical. Left alone, the damaged part can do serious harm to your furnace!
  3. Foul or odd odors. When you’ve got a dusty, thick smell in the air, the odds are good that there’s an obstruction somewhere in the ducts or the system itself. This is an easy repair as long as it’s caught early.
  4. Short-cycling. A furnace kicking on and off repeatedly, or doing so at odd intervals, is one in need of service. There could actually be a bunch of things going wrong here, some worse than others, but they all spell trouble if left alone. Not to mention that short-cycling spikes heating costs.
  5. Weak air flow. Little air coming from the vents, cool air coming from the vents, no air—these are all symptoms of the same problem. A choked furnace is doomed to break down without professional service, so be sure to call in the cavalry right away.

Top-Notch Furnace Repair in Chicago, IL

When you need service, you don’t have time to wait for second best. And that’s why you trust our team to get the job done, and done right! The experts at North Town Home Services carry the experience, tools, and knowledge needed to bring you superior furnace repair that returns your comfort as fast as possible. Got a problem and not sure what to do? Start by contacting our furnace repair experts!

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