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Is Your Washing Machine Broken?

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Dealing with a troublesome washing machine and looking for some washing machine troubleshooting tips? North Town Home Services is back again after our piece on dryer problems to provide you with a quick and easy list of the top troubles Chicago homeowners experience with their washing machines.

Six Signifiers of Washing Machine Problems

It’s good to be able to identify issues so that you can understand whether to call for appliance repair or plan a replacement or maintenance service. Here are six signs of washing machine problems:

  • Washing machine makes loud banging noises. Loud noises from the washer, especially in conjunction with shifting or movement, will usually indicate an imbalanced load or a problem with the position of the washer drum. First, attempt to rearrange the clothing inside the washer, and if that doesn’t fix the problem call for washing machine repair so that a technician can assess the washing machine drum.
  • Washing machine will not drain. In nearly all cases, a failure to drain or water remaining in the drum will mean that a smaller article of clothing has gotten jammed into the drain line or associated hoses. This is not a difficult problem to fix, but it does require the tools of a professional unless the clog is obviously visible and easily within reach.
  • Washing machine is leaking water. Washing machines can leak from a variety of areas, the most common of these being at the drain line, due to a crack in the hose pump or a poor seal on your washer drum. If the problem is a loose drain line, your owners manual should be able to help. If the leak comes from another area, you may need to consider repair or even washing machine replacement.
  • Washing machine drum isn’t turning. If the drum refuses to turn while the machine is in operation, the most likely cause is a damaged, loose, or missing belt. In more extreme and unfortunate cases it is also possible that the lid sensor may be damaged, which usually requires parts replacement.
  • Washing machine door remains locked. Front-load washing machines are superior in many ways when compared to older top-load models; however, most front-load machines use computerized sensors to operate a door locking mechanism. If your door remains locked post-wash, it’s likely that the computer needs work or the washing machine door is obstructed—in some cases this problem can also arise in conjunction with a draining issue, as water present in the drum will keep the machine from allowing the door to open.
  • Washing machine is tripping breakers. Though today’s washing machines are far more efficient than the ones of yesteryear, they still pull a considerable amount of power (weighing in at an average of 500 watts). This means that electrical issues can cause breaker trips. If this is your first time experiencing this issue, we would recommend reengaging the breaker and just keeping an eye on the machine. However, if the problem happens a second time, call for washing machine repair!

Washing Machine Repair Services in Chicago, Illinois

Whether you’re dealing with a leak, a computer problem, or a washer that will not drain (or drains too much; all over your floor), North Town Home Services can help. Our experienced appliance repair teams can provide service for all washing machine brands. We place a firm focus on providing our clients with fast, precise, and affordable repair services.

In need of washing machine repair “near me” in Chicago? Call North Town Home Services at (847) 999-4600 or schedule service online!

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