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Why Is My Refrigerator Not Cooling?


Refrigerators are a standard for any home nowadays. They’re borderline essential to life at this point, and you depend on yours to safely store many important resources. Because of this, issues with a refrigerator can be an immediate source of stress. You stand to lose a lot if the problem persists! At North Town Home Services, we’ve seen it all. And then we’ve repaired it! But one of the most common problems we encounter has got to be refrigerators that just refuse to maintain their specified temperatures.

Is your fridge losing its cool? Contact the professionals at North Town Home Services before you lose yours too! Our experts have been the trusted appliance repair professionals in Northern Illinois for years, and you can always depend on the North Town Home Services team to provide the best, most effective services to meet your needs.

Need refrigerator repair that puts your needs first? Contact our specialists online to schedule refrigerator repair in the Chicagoland area!

Reason Why Your Refrigerator Won’t Stay Cool

Let’s start off with the “good news” potential causes. These are pretty straightforward and often have a quick and easy DIY solution. Check to see if:

  • Your settings were changed. All refrigerators, even very old models, have a temperature control system. It can be as advanced as a control panel or as simple as a dial with a series of numbers on it. Be sure that this hasn’t been changed without you noticing, say by someone bumping it while stowing the milk carton.
  • Your door isn’t closing. Check to make sure that your door is closing completely so all the seals are making proper contact. If they aren’t, ensure no items are obstructing it from closing. If there’s no obvious cause, check that your fridge door’s hinges are intact and undamaged.
  • Your fridge has too little or too much in it. Too many items can stop your fridge from supplying enough cool to get the job done. But more surprisingly, too little in your fridge can also keep it from maintaining temperatures! This is because items hold the cold and reduce the amount of warm, open air in your fridge. If you’re struggling with this one, some jugs of water or even storing some non-perishable foods in there can fill in space quite well.

Issues That Require Professional Service

None of the DIY solutions apply to you? No worries, that’s what the experts are for! Contact our team for surefire solutions that guarantee a professional repair for your refrigerator system. Our experts can find and fix your problems fast, including the most common causes for a lack of cold air like:

  • Damaged or dirty condenser coils.
  • Damaged refrigerator fans.
  • Poorly installed refrigerators.
  • Damaged refrigerator doors, or broken door seals.

If you suspect incoming complications or your fridge begins misbehaving, making odd sounds, or starts cycling on and off oddly frequently, be sure to contact our experts. A fast response to furnace repair can be the difference between a happy, restored fridge and making a brand new purchase.

Chicagoland’s Best Choice for Refrigerator Repair

Since 1927, North Town Home Services has been providing homes around the Chicagoland area with the most reliable refrigerator repairs available. We are known for our legendary customer service, and we strive to give each and every one of our customers a one-of-a-kind experience.

We never hire subcontractors—our staff is made up of only highly-trained, full-time technicians. Our trucks are fully stocked with repair parts and equipment to ensure we can repair your appliances on our first visit.

Contact us online or by phone at 847-999-4600 to schedule your refrigerator repair in Chicago, Illinois today.

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