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What to do When Your Refrigerator Door Seal is Broken

Tips on How to Handle a Torn Refrigerator Door Seal

What do you do when you feel a draft coming from your refrigerator door? Does it mean your refrigerator has reached the end of the line? Take a breath and don’t panic because this doesn’t mean you have to head out and buy a new refrigerator. Instead, it’s likely because your refrigerator door seal has worn out or has a small tear. Unfortunately, it’s a common problem that happens as the seal ages and wears out. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to fix.

Taking Care of Small Tears

If it’s a tear, there are two ways you can handle the problem. The easiest is to create a wax paper patch and apply it with a silicone sealant. To do this, turn off your refrigerator so that you’re not wasting energy while you perform the work. Once the refrigerator is turned off, gently lift the door seal so that you can unscrew the screws underneath. You will want to remove the screws and carefully peel the door seal off.

Next, take care to treat the rubber around the tear. The best way to do this is to apply silicone sealant after removing any loose pieces of rubber. This helps to create a solid, reliable seal. After putting the silicone on the seal, add a small piece of wax paper on both sides of the seal. This helps keep the sealant in place when you put the seal back into the refrigerator.

Finally, reattach the seal to the refrigerator and remove the external piece of wax paper. Your seal should now be solid and reliable.

Replacing the Seal

If the rubber seal is brittle or has too many tears, it’s best to replace it rather than trying to repair it. To do this, the seal needs to be removed in the same way it would be if repairing a tear. Before you do this, ensure you have the appropriate replacement seal ready to go. This is something you should order from an authorized parts distributor. Otherwise, you may end up with an aftermarket seal that doesn’t fit quite right.

We recommend contacting a professional to replace your refrigerator door seal so that you can be guaranteed that the work has been done properly.

Preventing and Addressing Future Damage

Now that your seal is good to go, you want to ensure it lasts for as long as possible. Fortunately, this is even easier than repairing or replacing the seal. All you need to do is remove the seal and apply silicone grease along the interior side of the seal. This will prevent cracking and will help ensure the seal doesn’t dry out or warp.

But, what if the seal does warp? If it does, you need to turn your refrigerator off, remove the perishables from the fridge, and grab your trusty hairdryer or clothes steamer. Use these to heat the door seal gradually, and then use your fingers to readjust the seal. Be extremely careful with this, and never attempt to heat and adjust the seal simultaneously; otherwise, you could end up burning your fingers. You may need to repeat this process several times until you get a satisfactory seal. Be patient and keep at it until the seal is just right.

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