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How Often Do I Need To Schedule Range & Hood Vent Maintenance?


As a homeowner, it can sometimes be hard to tell when it’s time to schedule your professional range and hood vent maintenance. North Town Home Services cares about our customers and we want to help in every way we can to keep you safe and to give you peace of mind when it comes to the care and maintenance of your home.

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When Do You Need Range & Hood Vent Maintenance?

Over time, with consistent use, your range and hood vent will accumulate dirt, grease, and grime build-up on the surface, as well as the internal portion of the vent. Failure to remove this build-up increases your risk of fire, which can cause significant damages and put your home and family in danger.

While it’s a great idea to perform basic cleaning for your range and hood vent, it’s also recommended that you schedule range and hood maintenance services periodically to reduce the potential risks to your home and family.

Benefits of Maintaining Range & Hood Vents

The benefits of professional maintenance and cleaning services for your range and hood vents are far-reaching. Without the proper maintenance, your range and hood vent won’t operate at peak performance—often leading to malfunctions and major breakdowns that can be costly to repair.

Hood vents are an important component in your kitchen that can help to protect your cabinets, counter tops, and other surfaces from incurring build-up from grease, moisture, smoke, and other pollutants. This build-up can cause damage to the interior of your home and surfaces, as well as pose significant fire and safety risks.

Range & Hood Vent Services in Chicago, IL

North Town Home Services has been offering superior customer service and exemplary services for our friends and neighbors in the Chicagoland area since 1927. Our factory trained and thoroughly screened technicians are committed to providing you with expert range and hood vent repair in Chicago.

North Town Home Services and our entire team of highly-trained and vetted professionals are proud to serve Chicago and the surrounding areas with comprehensive appliance repair, maintenance, and replacement services, including range and hood vent maintenance.

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