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5 Ways to Minimize Allergies This Spring


The coming of spring has brought a lot of comfortable and welcome warmth (and less welcome rain) to our area as of late. But unfortunately it’s brought along another thing us Chicagoland natives are all too familiar with: allergens. Having trouble grappling with your allergies as we head toward summer this year? North Town Home Services has some tips for you!

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5 Ways to Mitigate Spring & Summer Allergies

When pollen counts are high, Chicago homeowners have to work double time to keep allergy symptoms to a minimum. But never fear, these tips are easy, fast, and can help you out a boatload:

  • Keep floors spotless. The bulk majority of dust, dander, pollen, and debris that enters your home is going to wind up on the floor to sit and collect. Every time we take a step an unseen plume of dust kicks up, then settles again, either in our lungs or back on the floor. A combination of vacuuming and mopping should be utilized on a weekly minimum basis to remove this massive trove of dusty mess.
  • Pay particular attention to fabrics. What doesn’t hit the floor hits clothes, furniture, bedclothes, and other fabrics—and this is particularly tricky since fabric tends to hold dust and pollen very readily. Be sure to make good use of your washer and dryer, cleaning clothes and bedclothes routinely, as well as any window coverings.
  • Mind your pets. We love our pets, but they love generating dander and tracking in loads of dust. Be sure to start a bathing routine for your pups and a brushing routine for cats (since they clean themselves, but love the brush) in order to control shed hair and dander, as well as rid them of pollen and mold spore.
  • Optimize humidity. Dry homes are common in the spring and summer, since your air conditioner tends to remove a bit too much humidity. This gives allergens free reign to roam, and tends to exacerbate allergies severely. For a better solution and a way to avoid dry, cracked skin, look into home humidification systems.
  • Look into permanent solutions. Cleaning is a good way to mitigate issues, but if you’re looking for more ideal and effective solutions (that don’t wear your back out), look to IAQ products. Tons of excellent products are available to address your particular allergen, and you can guarantee a much more comfortable home for years to come.

What Are My Indoor Air Quality Options?

The modern IAQ market has boomed with some top tech and products that can address very specific and common air quality problems. What works best for you depends on what you need:

  • Air cleaners and filtration. Air cleaners and air filters are top-class when it comes to dealing with accumulated dust, pet dander, smoke, and pollen. These systems trap all of the mess that comes through your ducts, removing them from your home, and the air you breathe.
  • UV light purification systems. If bacteria, mold, and smoke are your particular problems, look to air purification. UV light seeks and eliminates these common pathogens, completely removing them from your home.
  • Humidifiers and dehumidifiers. Whether your air is too dry, or too humid, there’s a solution for you. The ideal, comfortable home range is 35-50% humidity, so learn where you’re most comfortable, and seek the humidity solution that suits your needs best.

Looking for top-class home air quality solutions in Chicago, IL or the surrounding suburbs? Contact North Town Home Services!

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