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Is Repairing an Old Appliance a Good Investment?


We’re not saying anything that’s news to you when we say a busted home appliance in Chicago is absolutely zero fun. No matter how small or large the appliance is, we depend on our tools day in and out to complete tasks and live our lives. So when an issue comes up with one of your appliances you have a decision to make—is repairing it worth the investment?

Today the team at North Town Home Services wants to help you tackle this sometimes tough question. As Chicagoland’s leading appliance repair team, we like to think we know a thing or two, so follow along and you just might find the answer you were looking for!

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Is Repairing an Appliance Worth It?

First off, let’s do the easy ones:

How Old is Old?

The age of the appliance in question plays a big, big role in the conversation. Generally speaking, the newer the appliance, the more worth it it is to repair, since modern appliances are efficient, effective, and were a big investment that you likely want to protect. But if you’re running that washing machine your parents gave you from the 70s, well, there’s such thing as too vintage.

As a simple rule of thumb, if it’s less than a decade, we would probably go for repair, but the conversation’s not quite done yet.

What Kind of Appliance?

The smaller and more specific the appliance, the easier to replace, typically. If your hand blender busted down, replacing it isn’t going to cost you much and repair could be a big headache. But when we’re talking an oven or a refrigerator, then repairing starts to look a lot more appetizing.

The Vital Considerations

So if we’re talking a major appliance, and it’s not in the realm of too vintage, then we can start looking at the more important details. Your biggest considerations are going to be cost and convenience, and there’s something to be said both ways here.

When talking cost, it’s going to depend on how complex the repair is, or what problem your appliance is having. If the cost of repair is lower than replacing, then you’re in good shape to get a professional appliance repair. However, if we’re talking major components repair, it may be time to replace.

Where convenience is concerned, typically repair almost always has the upper hand. When you’ve got a trustworthy service team on your side, it’s as easy as a click or phone call to get the solution you’re looking for, whereas replacing also means hauling your old one off, and then installing the new one.

Talk to a Trusted Professional!

When it comes to big decisions, there’s just nothing like a professional’s input. Experts like the ones at North Town Home Services have extensive training and experience. Not only that, but a professional is going to give you an honest estimate and opinion–it’s our job to do right by you! Start a dialogue with your chosen experts. Learn what the issue is, what it takes to get the job done, and then make your decision from there. Contact us today!

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