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The Importance of Range & Hood Vent Maintenance


The functionality of your range and range hood vent is essential for ensuring you have the means to create those magnificent family dinners. When your range or hood is not properly maintained, you may experience inadequate performance or even breakdowns that require significant repairs or replacement. The experienced repair technicians at North Town Home Services are committed to providing Chicagoland residents with range and hood maintenance services to prevent such inconveniences.

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Why Is Range & Hood Vent Maintenance Important?

Range hoods are an important component that help protect your cabinets, countertops, and other kitchen surfaces from grease build-up, moisture, and smoke. Over time, exposure to these pollutants can cause significant damage to your home, so ensuring that your range hood is performing correctly and consistently is vital.

Removing Grease & Dirt Build-up

Consistent usage of your range can result in grease and dirt build-up on your range hood and its vent over time. Failing to remove this build-up can result in a fire that could cause significant damage to your home and put your family in danger. While you can perform basic cleaning tasks on the exterior and interior of your hood using non-abrasive cleaning products, we recommend that you contact one of our experienced technicians to remove grease and grime build-up from the vent itself.

Cleaning the Hood Vent Air Filter

The air filter is a thin screen that prevents grease and oil from building up on the blower and in the exhaust vent. Making sure that your range hood’s air filter is clean and in good repair is essential for optimizing the performance of your range hood. While metal filters can be cleaned with degreaser or even dish soap and water, charcoal filters that are included with some models of range hoods cannot be cleaned and must be replaced. Operating your range hood without a clean air filter that is in good condition can result in build-up that may cause damage to the hood or even result in fire. If you notice tears or large holes in your metal air filter, we recommend that you have it replaced at your earliest convenience.

Signs You Need Range & Hood Vent Maintenance

Be aware of the signs that indicate problems with your range hood, such as:

  • Decreased fan speed
  • Failure to adequately remove smoke
  • Increased vibration

These could be a sign that your hood’s fan motor or blower wheel needs to be cleaned, repaired, or replaced. If you notice that your range hood is not performing optimally, contact our professional technicians for a prompt diagnosis and repair.

Why Choose North Town Home Services for Range & Hood Vent Maintenance?

North Town Home Services offers comprehensive appliance repair and replacement services to all of Chicagoland. Your neighbors trust us because:

  • We are a servicing the Chicagoland area business that has been providing exemplary services to the community since 1927.
  • Our service trucks are fully stocked with a variety of replacement parts to help ensure that your appliances are repaired promptly.
  • Our professional technicians are all factory trained and thoroughly screened to ensure you receive top quality in home repairs.

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