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How to Save Energy During the Holidays


Ah, the Holidays. A time for cheer, for fun, for family, and for far too much food. But as we all know quite well, it’s a time for strained budgets, too! Looking for ways to trim down your costs this season? North Town Home Services can help you find some easy and cost-free ways to reduce energy use and keep bills a bit more manageable.

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Reducing Home Energy Waste

Our teams can show you some better and lesser known methods to stave off high energy bills:

  • Use LED holiday lighting. You know those boxes of LED strands and holiday lights that boast “energy saving benefits!” on the cover? They aren’t lying! LED strands use up about a tenth (10%) of the energy of standard bulbs. Plus they generate no heat, thus less risks of a fire, and they tend to last years longer. And the same appliances for standard light fixtures in your home, too.
  • Unplug unused devices. Even devices not currently in use still eat up power—on average around 20% or more. Those TVs, microwaves, space heaters, and other high energy items are costing you a ton even when you’re not using them. Unplug ‘em!
  • Learn a bit about energy-efficient cooking. Any time a holiday rolls around the kitchen is going to be a busy space. And though many of us don’t think about it much, cooking takes up tons and tons of power. Your oven alone can pull 2-3,000 watts, nearly as much as your furnace. Because of this you want to piggyback dishes as much as possible to reduce the hours your equipment is on.
  • Swap to ENERGY STAR® appliances. ENERGY STAR certified appliances are always more efficient than uncertified counterparts. That means they eat less power, last longer, and tend to perform better as well.

Reducing HVAC Energy Use

Even with all the other stuff going on in your home, the furnace, or boiler is still probably the thing tearing up your bills the most. Use these tips to reduce how much power it eats:

  • Change your air filter. The air filter is responsible for keeping airflow healthy in your system, which impact show hard your equipment has to work in order to get its job done. If it has an easier time of things, as it will with a clean filter, it’ll use up less fuel to do its work.
  • Turn on your ceiling fans. Run your ceiling fans clockwise in the winter season. A clockwise fan pushes warmed air (which we all know rises) back down into your room, helping you stay more thoroughly warm. Often this will even allow you to turn the furnace or boiler down, directly saving you energy.
  • Get HVAC maintenance. There is absolutely nothing in the world that will help you lower the energy used by your system more than getting an annual professional tune-up. Well, short of replacing your unit with a new one.

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