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How to Adjust Your Dishwasher Rack Height


Many homeowners don’t realize their dishwasher racks are adjustable to allow large dishes to fit in the dishwasher. This helpful video from Thermador shows you how to adjust the height of your Thermador dishwasher racks. For help with Thermador appliance repairs or installation in Chicago, call North Town Home Services today at (847) 999-4600.

Adjusting the Dishwasher Rack Height

How to Lower the Top Rack

  • First, pull out the top rack as you would to begin loading your dishwasher.
  • Next, to lower the rack, press the levers on the sides of the rack and push down.

This adjustment allows you to fit larger items such as mixing bowls or pans in the top rack of the dishwasher.

How to Lift the Top Rack

  • To lift the top rack, first grip the sides of the rack and lift until it’s aligned with the desired track and slides smoothly.

This adjustment will allow you to wash larger items on the bottom rack.

Important: Ensure the spray arm (the piece that looks like a fan blade in the middle of the dishwasher), can spin freely before finalizing any height adjustments.

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