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Is Your Oven Ready for the Holidays?


With Chicago firmly settled into fall, we’re seeing a lot more to look forward to coming up in these next few months. The holiday season is nearly here, and once it’s in full swing, there’s going to be a lot of cooking going on in the kitchen! Is your oven ready to handle the heat? If not, be sure to get your appliances checked and maintained with the experts at North Town Home Services!

Looking for oven maintenance services that guarantee a great holiday of cooking? Contact our experts today!

Why Do I Need Oven Maintenance?

Prepping your oven with a professional oven care service like the ones we provide at North Town Home Services in Chicago is about more than just a little inspection. Comprehensive appliance services ensure your oven is not only in solid and dependable working order, but that it’s clean and optimized as well.

What’s the benefit of an optimized oven, and what does that even mean? Our experts can clue you in!

  • A dependable oven. Ovens are one of those appliances that generally get worked until they just flat-out fail, One day you’re revving up to produce an excellent lasagna, and the next day your oven can barely produce a cough of warmth. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Appliances that see routine service are exceptionally dependable, meaning you never have to worry about a last-minute oven replacement.
  • A clean oven. A clean oven is nice to look at, sure, and that’s a benefit all its own. But the real perk of a clean oven is efficiency and proper cook times. Have you ever had trouble with uneven cooking, or cook times that vastly exceed the estimated cook time? If so, you probably need to have your oven cleaned—this is the most common cause!
  • Safer ovens. A professional check of components and electrical connections makes for safer operation, meaning you can cook up a storm without an unexpected electrical short or personal harm.
  • Long-lived cooking systems. Want your oven to last for years and years? If so, you should always seek routine appliance maintenance on a yearly basis. Professional care is the best form of appliance insurance you can get, and will double or even triple the lifespan of your oven.

Holiday Home Oven Tips

After our experts work their magic, you can expect to see a clean, perfectly calibrated oven that can meet your needs with ease. But to maximize your benefits, be sure to keep up with these tips:

  • Keep your oven clean by wiping away stuck on food and bits of char to maintain the optimal cooking performance of your oven.
  • Avoid using the self-cleaning cycle in your oven during the holiday season, if you make use of it at all. If you do use the function, run it for a very brief amount of time. The heat a self-clean cycle produces has been known to blow out ovens, and now is not the time!
  • Keep an eye on your oven’s burners and replace them if they deform or show signs of damage. Clean, new burners not only cook better, but are safer too!

Ready for your oven care service before the holiday season kicks in? Call North Town Home Services!

Chicagoland’s Best Choice for Oven Maintenance

Since 1927, North Town Home Services has been providing homes around the Chicagoland area with the most reliable oven maintenance available. We are known for our legendary customer service, and we strive to give each and every one of our customers a one-of-a-kind experience.

We never hire subcontractors—our staff is made up of only highly-trained, full-time technicians. Our trucks are fully stocked with repair parts and equipment to ensure we can repair your appliances on our first visit.

Contact us online or by phone at 847-999-4600 to schedule your oven maintenance today.

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