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Should I Install a Heat Pump In Chicago?


Heat pumps have been providing Chicago homeowners with dependable heating and cooling for a good long while now. And while they aren’t the newest technology on the market, modern applications and advancements have only served to make them a stronger home HVAC option. But is a heat pump the right choice for you and your home? Well, let’s find out!

North Town Home Services is dedicated to providing our patrons with the best in service, quality, and superior products. We’re proud to provide heat pump systems to our clients, but we know that each home is unique, and what you’re looking for isn’t necessarily the same as what others might be seeking. So, we’re going to learn a bit about heat pumps, and how one can benefit you.

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What Is a Heat Pump?

These systems are actually somewhat similar to a central cooling and heating system. Both use refrigerants, and both use a similar, familiar setup. It’s actually fairly likely that you’ve seen one and not even known it! But where these two differ is this: a heat pump doesn’t work off a closed loop like a central system does. Instead, the heat pump can pump heat into the home, instead of only out, making both an effective cooling and heating system.

Heat pumps are also air-source, meaning they draw on the ambient air outdoors to provide the services they do (there are also ground-source heat pumps). It’s this difference that enables them to be considerably more efficient, since they aren’t trying to generate everything on their own.

What Are the Perks of a Pump in Chicago?

  • Top-class energy-efficiency. Of all the systems available, nothing matches a heat pump installation in energy-efficiency. It just has an easier time doing its job, and that translates to the same comfort that another system could provide, at a much lower cost.
  • Versatile comfort solutions. Here in Chicago, you need some solid cooling when summer hits, but our winters are bitter, meaning you need powerful heating, too. And with a heat pump, you’ll get both!
  • Even heating and cooling. Heat pumps don’t tend to generate the warm or cold spots that other systems do, meaning your home stays uniform in temperature at all times, no matter what nature is doing outdoors.

Are There Any Downsides?

Feel like this system seems a bit too good to be true? Well, it’s really not. However, the initial purchase cost of a heat pump is going to be a bit higher than a standard system. We can say with complete honesty that this is more than made up for over time in energy savings, but it’s still worth your consideration.

If we lived somewhere colder you might have reason to pause, too, as heat pump users even further north tend to need an auxiliary heat source. But here in Chicago, even on our worst winter days we’re well within the optimal heat pump temperature range!

Heat Pump Services in Chicago, IL

The team at North Town Home Services has years of experience, and specialized training to boot, when it comes to heat pumps. We have the skill and tools you need to ensure you get the best system for your home! Not sure if a heat pump is your best bet, or looking to learn a bit more? Contact our team online! We’re always ready to help, and we want to ensure you’re always getting the best.

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