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Stay Safe for Halloween in Chicago, IL


North Town Home Services has been a part of the Chicagoland area community since 1927 and over the years we have built lasting relationships with our friends and neighbors.

Halloween is a fantastic time of year. From pumpkin carving to trick-or-treating, there is fun to be had by all! North Town Home Services cares about our community and wants everyone to have fun, but we also want everyone to be safe! Here are some helpful Halloween safety tips to take with you this spectacularly spooky season.

Comfy Kicks

Trick-or-treating can involve a ton of walking, so be sure to take care of your feet! As you go all out on the costume, consider skipping the heels and going with well-fitting comfortable shoes to make sure the night isn’t cut short from blisters and sore feet. Also, avoid accidental trips and falls by making sure shoelaces are double-tied.

Light the Way

Trick-or-treating often means mixing pedestrian and vehicular traffic. To make sure your little ones are seen, add reflective tape to your child’s costume to help make them visible during the night. You should also carry a flashlight for the night to light the way as your child goes from house to house.

Painted Perfection

For the perfect look that completes any costume, reach for the non-toxic face paint instead of a mask. Masks can make it hard for your little one to see or breathe—causing distractions and an increased potential for hazardous situations.

Candy Check

Of course, it’s essential to check your child’s candy at the end of the night. Be sure to toss any candy that isn’t in its original package, as well as any candy that looks as if it has been opened or tampered with. Pack a separate goody bag of your child’s favorite snacks so they won’t be tempted to take a taste of their candy before you’ve inspected it.

The More the Merrier

It’s always more fun when there are more friends involved. If your child is younger, an adult chaperone should accompany them while trick-or-treating. You can also add emergency contact information to their costume or on a bracelet in case they are separated from the group.

If your child is old enough to go trick-or-treating without you, be sure to have a conversation with them before they go. Your discussion should include a designated time that you expect them to be home, as well as the expectations you have while they are out. Explain the dangers of strangers and the importance of always staying in well-lit areas.

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