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Maintenance Tips for Dacor, Viking & Thermador Grills


The first hints of warm weather have many people thinking about summer cookouts. More than one person has found their mouth watering at the thought of a juicy steak cooked to perfection on their grill. But if you haven’t kept up the maintenance on your grill, you may find yourself disappointed. One key to the quality of food prepared is the grill itself, and proper maintenance is essential if you want to keep it working. Here are some tips to help you make sure your grill is in tiptop shape, not just this year, but also in years to come.

Maintenance plays an important role in keeping your grill running all summer long. Without it, you might find yourself calling a professional for grill repair—that’s where North Town Home Services can help.

Monthly Grill Maintenance

Spending time once a month to give some loving care to a grill such as a Viking, or other brand, will go a long ways toward it continuing to produce great-tasting food. Make it a monthly habit to:

  • Clean the outside. Using a soft cloth and cleaner (window cleaner for porcelain and stainless steel cleaner for steel), wipe down the outside and spend time making sure any accumulated grease is gone.
  • Clean the firebox. Remove all the grates and any other parts and impeding access to the firebox. Remove any ash and burned on food with a cleaner such as Bartender’s Friend. Check for any cracks and signs of rust.
  • Empty the grease tray. If too much grease accumulates, it can catch fire. The old grease can also impact the flavor of your food.
  • Burn off stuck on food. At least once a month, although grill manufacturers like Thermador suggest you do this every time you grill, turn your burners on as high as they can go and allow them to burn for about ten minutes. Then use a citrus-based cleaner and cloth to wipe down the grilling surface.

Annual Grill Maintenance

At least once a year, a thorough inspection and cleaning needs to be done. This inspection should include, but is not limited to:

  • Making sure burners are not clogged in any way.
  • Checking for cracks or loose connections in the fuel line.
  • Looking for signs of rust and using a rust preventer on exposed surfaces.
  • Taking the grill apart and making sure all parts are in good shape and cleaned completely.

That seems like a lot to do when all you want to do is throw on some steaks, doesn’t it? Some of this may even intimidate you slightly. After all, we’ve all confidently taken something apart before and when we put it back together, it either didn’t work properly or we found that one left-over piece that didn’t seem to fit anywhere. This is where the final tip comes into play.

Professional Grill Maintenance

It’s important to have your grill professionally serviced once a year. Having someone trained in grill cleaning and maintenance will give you the peace of mind created when you know your baby is in good hands. A professional will know exactly where the most crucial elements are and how they should be performing. They’ll understand the intricacies of how to properly clean those hard to reach parts. Finally, when they are done, not only will there be no extra parts floating around, your grill will be ready for you to do what you do best—throw on those steaks and grill them to perfection.

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