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Guide to Purchasing a Furnace Replacement


Finding out you need to replace your furnace can quickly have you feeling stressed and angry. To those who don’t have much knowledge of the HVAC industry, there are what feels like a million options and ways to go, and one can become overwhelmed in no time. But it doesn’t have to feel that way! Finding the perfect replacement for your Chicago home can be quick and easy, especially if you know the tips and tricks our certified professionals can teach you!

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Knowing When to Replace Your Furnace

The first big step to replacing is knowing when you actually need it. There are a lot of situations where professional furnace repair can get you the results you’re looking for, but you should replace your furnace system if:

  • Your system can’t keep up with heating your home.
  • You need repair too much, or your repairs are too costly.
  • Your heating bills are skyrocketing and staying that way.
  • Your furnace is fifteen years old or older.

Furnace Types: Which Is Best?

Between natural gas, electric, and oil, there are a lot of furnace options out there. And it’s actually a lot less about which is best, and a lot more about which is the best option for your home.

Electric furnaces are cheaper to install, offer stable heating costs all season long, and boast excellent heating power. They do tend to be slightly more expensive to operate than natural gas, but this is actually subject to current natural gas prices in your area.

Natural gas furnaces require less maintenance than other heating types and are exceptionally hardy. This makes them predictably reliable and overall quite cost-effective. Natural gas also provides very high quality heating, however, you need to have access to natural gas in your area.

Oil furnaces produce the most heat per BTU (British Thermal Unit) of fuel used, making them arguably the most powerful furnace in terms of raw throughput. Oil furnaces are in the middle on purchase and installation cost, costing less than a natural gas furnace to purchase, but more than an electric furnace (in most cases).

Considering AFUE

AFUE stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency, and is actually fairly easy to understand. Most contractors just don’t bother with actually cluing you in. In essence, when you choose a, for example, natural gas furnace with an AFUE of 89, that means its efficiency is 89%. This means it converts 89% of the fuel it takes in, the remaining 11% being the waste remaining. The higher your AFUE, the overall higher your system’s fuel efficiency will be.

However, this doesn’t always mean a higher AFUE will be cheaper! Electric furnaces have the highest average AFUE, but in some areas it is cheaper to use natural gas because of the cost of the fuel source (and yes, electricity is a fuel source!).

In all situations, it is always best to speak at length with your trusted HVAC professional! Get a detailed analysis of all of the benefits of various manufacturers, types, and fuel sources in your area. Local professionals are best for this, since they have all of the knowledge you need to make a proper decision based on your unique location and needs.

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