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What You Need To Know About Your Furnace’s Pilot Light


Chicago residents know the importance of having an efficient and reliable furnace during our infamous winters here in Illinois. If your home has a gas furnace, it’s important to periodically check in and around your unit, especially the pilot light and surrounding areas, for early detection of any issues that can pose hazardous and potentially dangerous risks to your home and family.

North Town Home Services wants your home and family to be comfortable, but more importantly, safe this winter. To help you maintain a safe and comfortable environment in your Chicagoland home, here’s what you need to know about your furnace’s pilot light.

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Furnace Pilot Light Troubleshooting

Your gas furnace uses a pilot light to ignite and trigger the furnace burners when your home needs heating. Over time, your pilot light may experience a variety of issues which may affect the overall performance of your furnace.

Because your home’s furnace uses natural gas during operation, there is an increased risk of hazardous situations that can pose serious and potentially fatal conditions for your home and family. This can include fire and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Common furnace pilot light issues can include:

  • Extinguished pilot light – This can simply be due to a draft reaching your pilot light, but if your pilot light goes out frequently or repeatedly, this can indicate a more serious issue like a problematic thermocouple and should be professionally inspected and serviced as soon as possible.
  • The pilot light is burning inefficiently – Your furnace’s pilot light should always burn with a bright blue color. If you notice the flame has turned orange or yellow, a lack of oxygen is causing your pilot light to burn inefficiently, and may even be releasing carbon monoxide into the air of your home.
  • Build-up and debris accumulation on intake valve – Dust and debris find the intake valve of your furnace’s pilot light a haven in which to make a home. This can restrict the pilot light’s oxygen supply and result in inefficient operation. Routine care and preventative maintenance can help avoid this issue.
  • Thermocouple damaged or malfunctioning – The thermocouple is a safety device in your furnace that can shut off the supply of gas to the pilot light when it detects certain operational events. This includes things like significant temperature fluctuations, inefficient pilot light burning, or when the flame has been extinguished.

Choose North Town for Your Furnace Maintenance & Repairs in Chicago, IL

When you choose North Town Home Services for your furnace inspection and repair services, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your issues are identified by using industry-leading diagnostics and repaired using cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art equipment.

For almost 100 years, we’ve been proudly serving Chicagoland and the surrounding areas with superior, high-quality furnace services and legendary customer service. Our experienced technicians can help with all your furnace service needs including:

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