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Getting Your Heating System Ready for Winter


As we get into fall in Chicagoland, it’s time to start thinking about preparing our heating systems for winter. After all, Northern Illinois winters can be particularly harsh and if you don’t schedule your furnace maintenance appointment soon, you may not be ready when the first storm hits or the temperatures suddenly drop.

The Importance of Fall Furnace Maintenance

Fall furnace maintenance is important to getting your heating system ready for the cold winter weather ahead, and it should be done each year. While it may not seem like a necessary expense, failing to have this seasonal maintenance visit completed will have a significant impact on how warm and comfortable your home will be all winter long. But that’s not all. Fall furnace maintenance is also important because:

  • It can help extend the life of your equipment. The average furnace can last as long as 20 years—sometimes even longer with routine maintenance. However, if you never invest in fall furnace maintenance, it will probably breakdown before this.
  • It can help prevent expensive furnace repairs and breakdowns. Fall furnace maintenance will ensure your system is running at peak performance all season long. It gives your technician the opportunity to identify minor issues before they become larger, costly repairs and allows your technician to fix the problem before you start to really rely on your furnace in the middle of a cold Chicago winter.
  • It can improve efficiency. If your furnace is dirty and clogged, it will have to work harder to warm your home, which can result in increased energy bills. A fall furnace maintenance visit typically involves a thorough cleaning of your system, so that it runs more efficiently and your heating bills stay down.
  • It protects your warranty. Regular furnace maintenance is often required as a condition of your warranty. You may lose coverage if you do not invest in fall furnace maintenance.

Schedule Fall Furnace Maintenance with Chicago’s HVAC Experts

At North Town Home Services, we want to help you protect your investments and keep your home warm and comfortable through each cold Chicago winter. We offer fall furnace maintenance to our Chicagoland clients that includes a tune-up, inspection, and cleaning. That way we can make sure all working parts are operating effectively and safely and if they aren’t, we can take measures to resolve the issue in a cost-effective manner. More specifically, your fall furnace maintenance appointment will consist of up to a 31 point tune-up, cleaning, and check-up where your technician will:

  • Clean burners
  • Clean manifold
  • Measure gas pressure
  • Inspect ignition system
  • Inspect heat exchanger
  • Check operation of blower motor
  • Clean external drains
  • And more

We offer maintenance plans that include both heating and air conditioning maintenance appointments so you can sign up once without having to worry about it again when summer rolls around next year. You can even sign on to have heating, AC, and refrigeration maintenance taken care of in one package!

Call us today or contact us online to request fall furnace maintenance appointment for your Chicagoland home today.

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