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The Importance of AC Maintenance in Chicago, IL


All things considered, this summer wasn’t too trying for Chicagoland natives. However, at the same time, temperatures certainly stayed high enough to give your home cooling system a pretty considerable workout. So, how do you give your AC unit a boost for the next spring and summer seasons? The licensed HVAC specialists at North Town Home Services are here to help!

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Set a Date for Professional Service First

Above all else, you want to prioritize your availability when scheduling an AC tune-up service. This serves a dual purpose by optimizing and maintaining your cooling system for when next year rolls around, while also giving your furnace or boiler a check to ensure they’re prepared for the upcoming winter months in the Chicagoland area.

Your Post-Season AC Checklist

When it comes to what you can and should do before you shut off your AC this year, it’s all fairly simple and easy to do. Although the following tips shouldn’t take up too much of your time, they are incredibly important and can produce some significant results. Here’s your end of season AC checklist:

  • Change your air filter. During the busy summer months, you should be sure to change your air filter every other month. If you live in a larger home or you have specific indoor air quality issues, you should change your air filter more frequently as needed. You should also change your air filter one final time at the end of the cooling season to ensure you’ve got a clean one in place when you need it again. Plus, if you use a forced-air system, your furnace will need a clean air filter in place anyway!
  • Clean and clear your outdoor unit. Clear out any dust, debris, or plant matter that’s building up in your outdoor unit. If these are left to rot over the winter, you’ll be met with a much harder and more frustrating task come the spring. It’s always better to tackle those problems before they become expensive issues later down the road. A hose is safe to use for the removal of any debris stuck to your AC unit, as well as a decent brush.
  • Dust off vents. To give the indoor air quality in your home a boost, remove and dust vent covers to rid them of any accumulated debris or pollen. This will help to keep the air in your home clean and safe when you close them up for the winter.
  • Clean up the furnace. Take some time to dust off the furnace system before you switch to heating this year. It’s a good way to keep the unit from dealing with excessive clogging, but more importantly—it rids your home of unnecessary safety risks.

End of Season AC Checks in Chicago, Illinois

Have you scheduled your AC maintenance service for the end of cooling season yet? If not, figure out a good time for one of our professional technicians to come over and let us help to keep your home comfortable! Our customer service is top notch, our products are high quality, and our priority is your quality of life. If you’re interested in additional benefits, perks, and services—talk to one of our many specialists about our Preferred Client Plans!

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