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Emergency Heating Repair Services on Holidays


Within a week or two now your home is going to be full of family, friends, and about a hundred different kinds of food. The furthest thing from your mind is whether or not your furnace system is going to keep kicking all through the season! But what happens if the system decides to go down right in the middle of your festivities? Well, you’ll be needing a pretty swift solution.

But where can you find emergency furnace repair that’s available on the Holidays? Well, right here. The team at North Town Home Services never stops, and we’re always around to ensure you have access to service when you need it. Follow along with us for a moment so we can discuss some things to watch out for this year.

Have a furnace emergency on your hands? Don’t panic—North Town Home Services is here to help! Just call 847-999-4600 and we can have a Chicago emergency service specialist on the way in no time!

Signs You Need Emergency Heating Repair in Chicago, IL

Furnaces don’t usually just break down out of nowhere. The vast majority of the time there are some clear signs to be seen (or heard) if you know what you’re looking for. Keep wary of:

  • Sudden cold spots. Cold spots can mean a whole bunch of different issues, from an air flow obstruction to an electrical issue. But no matter what the cause is, the result is the same: you and your guests are cold! It’s best to have this repaired as soon as possible.
  • Incorrect thermostat readings. Are your rooms feeling more like 60, but the thermostat is reading its usual 70-72? Trust your internal thermometer! Thermostats are a great tool, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be wrong.
  • Odd odors. If you rely on gas to heat your home you need to be particularly sensitive to strange smells. The additive they put in natural gas, mercaptan, smells strongly of rotten eggs or sulfur (technically much closer to sulfur, but folks often use the “rotten egg” comparison). Smell gas? Call an emergency technician now. And while you wait it’s best to shut off your gas completely.
  • Loud or weird noises. From popping and banging to squeaks and rattles, furnaces can make a lot of noises you don’t want to be hearing. They all indicate a different part, but they all also indicate that a part is broken, loose, or worn out. Failing to get this repaired quickly can lead to extensive damage, and potentially even a furnace replacement.  
  • Bizarre electrical occurrences. Got flickering lights, or do breakers keep tripping? Be very thorough and try to find out what exactly is causing your electrical issue. Does it happen when the furnace kicks on? Kicks off? While it’s running? Any of these will mean a pretty risky electrical issues, so call for emergency service as soon as possible to keep your Holiday guests safe and warm.

Holiday Emergency Heating Service in Chicago

We hope you enjoy your Holidays, and we hope you never have to deal with a misbehaving or busted furnace right in the middle of the festivities. But if something does in fact go wrong, know that we’re here to help.

Our certified and licensed heating experts understand just how cold a Chicago night can get, so give us a call right away at 847-999-4600 if you suspect an issue with your heating system this year!

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