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Dryer Not Producing Heat? Find Out Why!


When your clothes dryer fails to produce heat, you’ll be left with wet clothing and possibly even the hassle of having to hang everything on a clothesline. This can be a very frustrating experience that causes havoc in your life. Fortunately, however, many causes of a dryer not heating properly can be diagnosed and simple solutions might even be able to be performed yourself. Before you schedule a service appointment with a professional, consider these less complicated issues that might be causing your problem.

Diagnosing Causes for Your Dryer Not Heating

There are a number of things that could cause your clothes dryer to not heat properly. A few of the more common, simple fixes include:

  • First, determine that your dryer is receiving the power it needs in order to operate the heating element. Since dryers run on 240v, they are typically attached to two 120v breakers. One breaker provides the power to run the motor, but the other 120v is needed to operate the heating element. Usually, when one of these breakers trips it causes the other to trip as well, but this is not always the case. If your dryer is operating at half power, it may run but not heat. Reset both breakers and try the dryer again.
  • Another common cause is airflow restriction or blockage. When there is inadequate airflow, heat will build up extremely quickly resulting in the thermostat tripping and shutting off the heating element. Be sure to check the lint screen and remove any built-up lint. Keep in mind that the lint screen should be cleaned after each use. If the lint screen is clear, check the vent hose. Remove the hose from your machine and visually check for obstruction. With the vent hose disconnected, run your dryer to see if it heats. If the machine heats properly with the hose detached, the problem is likely with the vent hose.
  • Check the thermal fuse. Remove the back panel from your dryer for access. Disconnect the wires from the terminals and carefully remove the thermal fuse to visibly check for a break. If the fuse has become broken, it must be replaced with an identical fuse.

If none of the above solutions remedy your situation, the dryer’s timer motor, heating element, or one of the thermostats may be the cause of your dryer not producing adequate heat. Since these issues can be more difficult to diagnose and more complicated to repair, we recommend scheduling an appointment with one of our service technicians to get your dryer up and running again.

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