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Tips to Keep Your Dryer Running Smoothly All Year Long


Dryers can be finicky creatures that eat your socks, but if you put in a little time and effort to keep your dryer “healthy,” you’ll be rewarded with a dryer that spits out clothes that not only smell fresh but are also free of moisture.

Dryer Maintenance Tips

Here are our professional tips to make sure that your dryer works at its best for the new year and all year long:

  • Clean the lint screen. This should happen consistently (not just when you remember to!) so it’s a good idea to create a habit of cleaning it before or after every load of clothes you dry. You can always take a used fabric softener sheet to get stubborn pieces of lint off the screen!
  • Keep your lint trap clear. Take your lint screen out of its cavity and clean the area inside the dryer. You can use a dryer lint brush or the crevice nozzle on your vacuum for this activity, which should happen once a month.
  • Clean around the dryer. Keeping the area around your appliance clean will help it run better for longer. Vacuuming around and under your dryer once every three months (or once each season) will help extend its life.
  • Wipe down the interior. You may not see stains inside your dryer, but residue can build up that isn’t visible to the naked eye. Clean the inside of your dryer each month with a soft, dry cloth.
  • Clean the drum. First, unplug your dryer. Now, clean the drum with a rag dipped in warm, soapy water. This should be done twice a year.
  • Check the balance. A dryer that does not sit level will wear through its rotating component faster. You can adjust the feet at the bottom of your unit if the dryer moves or shakes while it is in use.

Chicago Area Dryer Technicians

These easy tips can add years to your dryer’s life! But, if you need an experienced technician to take care of a repair, know that you can always rely on North Town Home Services.

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