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Do I Need A Range Hood Above My Stove?


Ask any homeowner, or even home cook, what the most important parts of a kitchen are and you’ll tend to get the same answers. A good stove, a range, refrigerator, cooking space—these days their answer might be a new induction cooktop. But what about range hoods? What are those, and are they important? Follow along with the Chicago appliance experts at North Town Home Services while we clue you in!

What Is a Range Hood?

A range hood actually can go by quite a few names. You might hear range hood, exhaust hood, or even extractor hood if you hail from across the pond. But no matter what it goes by, the function is always the same. Put simply, a range hood is an appliance placed above a cooking range. The exterior is typically an angled bit of stainless steel (called the “skirt”), and the inner components include an exhaust fan, a filter, a series of ducts leading out of the home, and occasionally a light source for task lighting and maintenance.range hood repair Chicago

The primary function of a range hood is to grab up smoke and cooking odors and remove them safely from the home, though they do also provide additional benefits as well. There are also ductless range hoods, which use a charcoal filter to extract smoke and particles before they cycle the air back into your home.

Do I Have to Have a Range Hood?

Legally speaking, not usually. There are a few building types and locations that will require a range hood installation—even a few zones here in Chicago. But typically homeowners choose to install a range hood for the benefits that the appliance can provide rather than out of a sense of obligation.

Why Install a Range Hood?

So it pulls smoke out, and that’s okay enough. But you’re probably wondering if that’s all a range hood does. The answer is not at all! Range hoods offer a bunch of advantages to homeowners, including:

  • Cleaner home air. The primary advantage is, of course, less gunk in your air. We’ve all had that night where we decided to fry our entire dinner, only to find that such an action leads to a huge amount of cloying smoke. It’s enough to ruin your appetite! But with a range hood in place, you can pan fry, deep fry, sear, broil, and braise in complete, smoke-free comfort.
  • Less foul odors. No matter how much you clean your kitchen the smell of rancid cooking oil and cleaning chemicals tends to build up, doesn’t it? Well, with a range hood all of that gunky air gets sucked right out, leaving your home smelling fresher than ever.
  • Reduced kitchen heat. Hate how hot your kitchen gets when you’re cooking dinner? A range hood helps to solve this issue by pulling heat up and away from your cooking surfaces and safely depositing the excess heat outdoors.
  • Additional task lighting. It almost feels like kitchens can never be well-lit enough. The quality of light that a hood range can provide is considerable, and since it’s situated directly above a major workstation the benefit is noticeable and welcome.

Range Hood and Appliance Contractors in Chicago, IL

Think it’s time to install a range hood in your home? Call on North Town Home Services when you need professional maintenance and repair! Our trained and certified appliance experts have the skills and tools necessary to keep your range hood working at optimal performance for years.

Contact North Town Home Services online today to find out more, or call (847) 999-4600 to speak with an appliance technician near you in Chicago!

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