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Choosing an Appliance Repair Company in Chicago


There are a lot of great appliance and HVAC service contractors out there. Folks who put customer service and quality work above all else. But for every great business, there’s another one that does the bare minimum, and often leaves consumers feeling like they got scammed. So how do you find the best appliance repair company here in Chicago? Our experts weigh in with the best methods of getting in touch with a real pro!

Looking for top-notch quality and service from your appliance repair company? Look no further than the team at North Town Home Services! Contact us today to learn more, or to set an appointment with our certified professionals.

How to Find the Best Appliance Experts

Professionals tend to try and make the selection process pretty easy, as long as you know what you’re looking for. Real, certified experts are proud of the service and skill they bring, and are likely to make access to important information a snap. When you need the help of an expert in appliance repair, look for these:

  • Credentials. Certification and licensing is the baseline for being a true professional, and is required to do appliance and HVAC work properly here in Illinois. If your contractor lacks either of these, you do not want to work with them.
  • Seek out professionalism. Signs that the business has been around for a while, and carries a good name are a huge plus. Awards within the industry (especially recent and relevant ones), BBB accreditation, local rankings; all of these are great signs that you’re looking at a super solid contractor.
  • Look for positive reviews. Peer reviews cannot be overstated in their importance. Ads and billboards get a business’s name out there, but in these days where the internet reigns supreme, consumers have access to a fountain of information about a company. If the business has done great work in the past, testimonials and peer reviews will let you know. And if a business is giving folks trouble or is hard to work with, bad reviews will warn you in a hurry.
  • Contact your options. Create a good list of two or three options that stand out and give them a call. If you’re met with a friendly, knowledgeable professional that answers your questions clearly and confidently, you’ve found the right team to perform your appliance repairs!

Why Choose North Town Home Services?

We’ve been operating a servicing the Chicagoland area business in the Chicago area for nearly a century! Our experts are fully committed to providing you the best service and quality we can possibly muster, and with our history of skill and satisfaction, we can absolutely guarantee you’ll never be let down by the North Town team.

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