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Why Is There Frost in My Fridge?


Do you feel like your refrigerator might be working a little too hard, building up ice and frost where there shouldn’t be? If not you’re not alone! The problem, while slightly unsurprising, is a common one and solutions are close at hand. Read on with the experts at North Town Home Services to find out why you’re getting too much frost!

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Common Causes for Frost Accumulation in a Fridge

The potential problems here can range from easy to handle on your own to serious professional repair service. To find out where your needs lie, we’ll start with the simplest problems and work our way up:

  • Your settings are too high. It is entirely possible that your refrigerator is simply set too high. Keep in mind that each setting is technically designed to accommodate certain amounts of food, so if you have too much or too little with the incorrect corresponding setting, you might get ice and frost.
  • The fridge is too close to the wall. The condenser located on the back of your refrigerator needs to be able to vent off heat consistently in order to operate properly. This means if the fridge is too close to the wall, you can end up with a failing system that will result in freezes and frost.
  • The fridge door is being left open. An open door plummets the temperature of your refrigerator and also introduces excessive moisture. The added heat makes your fridge attempt to compensate and overwork, and the moisture readily converts into frost and ice.
  • Your fridge has too much moisture present. Occasionally, though rarely, there will be too much moisture open to the refrigerator. In case this is your issue, avoid leaving open liquid containers in the fridge for too long (think punch bowls and opened water containers).
  • The sealing gasket on your door is damaged or worn. The gasket is that rubbery seal that runs all along the frame of the door. Gaskets begin to dry out and crack over time and are susceptible to gouges and tearing. When these happen, your fridge door is basically open to the air and the associated problems will ensue.
  • You have a damaged or malfunctioning defrost mechanism. If your refrigerator utilizes a defrost mechanism, as most do, it is possible that it has stopped working for one of many reasons. If this is the case, you’ll need to seek refrigerator repair professionals to get things working right again.

Having a different issue, or want to learn more about refrigerator troubleshooting? Check out our quick refrigerator troubleshooting guide!

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