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Are Sub-Zero Refrigerators Worth the Investment?


There’s always something to be said for making investments. That goes for cars, homes, HVAC systems; all of them have to be carefully weighed by cost in opposition with quality. So should something as simple as a refrigerator be measured by the same metrics? The experts at North Town Home Services would say yes, absolutely!

We’ve been providing homeowners in the Chicago area with unparalleled service and quality for years. Whether you’re looking for appliance repair, installation services, or maintenance, we’re the experts to go to! Wondering if a Sub-Zero refrigerator is worthy of all of the praise? Let’s break down why we say definitely.

What Does Quality Mean?

Too often this term is shifted into the “buzzword” category. It’s a word we see featured on so many products and items, it almost loses meaning. But the important thing to note is that if you can confirm that what you are buying is in fact a high-quality product, then you’re really buying something special.

Quality means that product, tool, or appliances is going to do more than fulfill your needs. It’s going to exceed your expectations—lasting much longer and performing much better than items of lesser quality. When the word quality actually means what it says, you’re making an investment that pays for itself, providing dependability and service that outweighs the initial cost.

Sub-Zero Refrigerators

The experts at North Town Home Services count Sub-Zero products among the best of the best. To confirm this, one only needs to check reviews and ratings online. Sub-Zero owners are proud to have a product that lasts for decades, providing absolute food and item storage that is dependable and always meets your needs.

Sub-Zero has been around for over seven decades and always stands at the pinnacle in innovative food storage products. All of their products provide:

  • Peerless refrigeration. Sub-Zero refrigerators do more than keep your stuff cold. The environment within the appliance is rigorously controlled, taking humidity and air temperature into account, as well as air purification to keep your food smelling and tasting fresh for far longer than other brands.
  • Innovative design. Traditional Sub-Zero refrigerators are smart and sleek, and for those looking for something a little different, their integrated refrigerators can mesh perfectly with cabinetry and countertops.
  • Versatility. Various sizes to meet any family’s needs, as well as a load of unique and appealing perks and features make the investment in a Sub-Zero refrigerator a smart one.

Sub-Zero Refrigerator Maintenance and Repair

Routine maintenance and care can maximize your purchase of Sub-Zero products! Our certified appliance experts can ensure your system stays up to date and within its maximum potential with our maintenance services. And on the off chance that something does go amiss with your Sub-Zero fridge? Our repair services can have you back to perfect in no time!

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