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Are High-End Appliances Worth It?


The debate between choosing off-brand products and leading, name-brand ones is a topic that reaches into nearly every purchase we make. And honestly, there are certainly some situations where going with the cheaper stuff can net you similar benefits at a much lower cost!

But does this philosophy of low-end investments extend to your in-home appliances? Are the best high-end appliance brands worthy of our money and time? At North Town Home Services, we know a thing or two about the quality of appliances, so follow along while we take you through the benefits of choosing better brands.

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What Make a High-End Appliance “High-End?”

So when you’re looking at the higher quality stuff from names like Viking, Sub-Zero, or Bosch, what is it that you’re looking at? What makes them cost more than a competitor, and is that cost worth your time? Well, let’s go over what makes an appliance brand top-notch and you can decide from there:

  • Innovative design. The word innovative can be used to drum up interest, sure. But companies that use it have to earn it, or more specifically, have to show some proof of it. That drives the big names like Viking to always grow, learn, and find better ways to build, which leads to products that perform more efficiently and reliably, as well as ones with longer lifespans.
  • Higher quality components. High-end appliance manufacturers use the best of the best when it comes to their wiring, metals, plastics, electrical components, and more. That means no shortened life spans due to a weak spring or faulty switch, and in the off case that you do encounter a bad part, these appliances are warranty-protected so you get your replacement fast.
  • ENERGY-STAR® qualified. In order for a product to be rated with the ENERGY STAR, it has to pass very strict standards and rigorous testing. The appliances that pass are constructed better, offer higher efficiency ratings (which translates into less electricity cost and waste), and feature more operational advantages than the products that don’t.

So the appliances from Sub-Zero or Thermador last longer, run better and at less cost, and typically are warranty-protected. Does that sound like a worthwhile investment? It does to us!

Though ultimately that’s for you to decide, and it somewhat ties into what sort of investment you’re making. For example, buying a top-shelf refrigerator from Viking can be a very clear advantage, but you might not necessarily feel it’s necessary for a toaster or a hand blender.

Protect Your Superior Appliances with Routine Maintenance!

An investment that you’ve decided is worth your time and energy is an investment worth protecting. Maintenance services can not only avoid costly repair calls but can also extend the lifespan of your appliances, helping to make that purchase price that much more worth it.

In addition to maintenance, keep in mind that an appliance repair is nearly always an option! Many homeowners stress out when they see a leaking refrigerator or a washing machine on the fritz, but the fact is that most things can be repaired by a professional well-versed in appliance repair.

Looking for professional appliance experts in the Chicago area? The team at North Town Home Services has the skill and tools needed to make your investment a wise one! Contact us online to schedule service, or to learn more about what we can do for you.

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