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Is My Air Conditioner Drying Out My Home?


Summertime in Chicago can bring hot, humid days that leave you sweaty and miserable in the sun. But when you step inside your Illinois home, you expect to find relief from these conditions, right? Well, you might come home only to encounter another uncomfortable setting—dry air. Despite the high humidity levels outside, your home might be lacking some necessary humidity. While the blame for this could lie solely with the weather, it can often be a direct result of your air conditioner working around the clock to properly cool your home.

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Signs That Your AC Unit Is Causing Dry Air

Just like air that is too moist, dry air can sometimes be very obvious while other times, it can be hard to identify. Some sure signs that the air in your home is too dry include:

  • Your skin feels flaky and taut
  • Your throat is consistently dry and irritated
  • Your nose is unexpectedly, but frequently, bleeding
  • Wood floors are starting to crack
  • Paint or wallpaper is starting to peel
  • Plants are shriveled, wilted, or dead

While you might not initially credit these symptoms to dry air in your home, your body, furnishings, and plants are certainly being impacted by a lack of moisture. Do you want to know what else is being impacted? Indoor air quality. By increasing the humidity levels in your home, you can decrease your chance of respiratory or sinus infections while also improving your indoor air quality.

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What Causes My Air Conditioner to Dry Out My Home?

Even modern, energy-efficient air conditioners can dry out your home because, simply, their main job is to keep your home cool. In doing so, they take some humidity from the air in your home, trap the moisture in the evaporator coil, and then release it outside of your home through a drain line. When the temperatures rise, as they tend to do in Chicago during the summer months, you might keep your air conditioner running nonstop to keep your home cool and comfortable. But when you do this, you are also more prone to create dry air in your house.

Whole-House Humidifier Services in Chicago, IL

So, you’ve identified that you do, in fact, have dry air in your home. You’ve learned a little bit about why your air conditioner may be creating this dry air and now, it’s time to talk about how to improve the humidity levels in your home. One of our suggestions is a whole-house humidifier. By adding the appropriate amount of moisture back to the air in your home, you’re making your home a safer, more comfortable place for you and your family! Another great thing about whole-house humidifiers is that they help to battle dry air in the wintertime as well, so they’re perfect for year-round use. At North Town Home Services, our NATE-certified technicians are eager to show you the benefits of a whole-house humidifiers in the Chicago, IL area!

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