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8 Ways to Keep Cool This Summer in Chicago


While the past few days have offered us a blessed reprieve, the fact of the matter is the summer season settled into the Chicago area kind of early this year. We’ve hit the mid 90s more than once already, and it looks like we’ve only got more of the same in our foreseeable future! Looking for some ways to keep your cool? North Town Home Services wants to help! Read on to learn some quick and easy ways to keep your cool both indoors and out.

Low and No-Cost Tips for Keeping Cool

Here are some fast and easy tips for homeowners in Chicago:

  • Close out the sun. While the sun’s rays can do a lot to improve mood, you unfortunately do need to moderate how much sunlight gets in. A window lacking drapes or other covers can increase a room’s temperature by 5-10 degrees, which is absolutely huge. If you have to have your sunlight, consider investing in a low-E coating, which deflects a lot of the heat-causing radiation.
  • Take advantage of ceiling fans. Turn your ceiling fans to rotate counter-clockwise to generate a moisture-wicking breeze. This can decrease the relative temperature of a room by multiple degrees, helping you stay comfortable and cost-efficient.
  • Move your cooking outdoors. If you needed yet one more excuse to use (or install) a gas grill in the Chicago area, here you go! Even running so much as a toaster can add on heat by the heaping loads, so taking your cooking out of the home can reduce the load on your HVAC system and avoid the dreaded blast furnace kitchen scenario.
  • Ignore polyester. If you use polyester sheets or clothing, stop it. Swap to breathable cloth like cotton or linen for a cool and comfy feeling alternative that can help you stay comfortable both out and about and when the day is done.
  • Stay hydrated (the right way). Without adequate stores of water and nutrients, our bodies cannot regulate our internal temperatures effectively. Keep your water intake a little higher and take advantage of sports drinks, seasonal fruit, and other healthy foods to keep potassium and salt levels high enough.

Keeping Your AC at Its Best

When it comes to keeping cool in the summer of course the air conditioner will be your primary concern and source of comfort. So, naturally, you want it working at its best and most efficient at all times. To ensure your system is ready to take on the season be sure to:

  • Change your air filter frequently. A clean and effective air filter is paramount for keeping airflow effective in your AC and ventilation systems. For the best results change it every two months at the very least!
  • Clean the outdoor unit. The outdoor unit is responsible for the majority of the heat exchange in your AC system, so be sure to clear away dust, dirt, grass, and other debris to ensure it stays up to the task.
  • Schedule an AC tune-up. Never forget to schedule a professional air conditioner maintenance service for your Chicago home! Professional tune-ups will keep your system working effectively and with enough “oomph” to take on anything a Northern Illinois summer wants to throw at us, so be sure to set a date for service if you haven’t already.

Did you miss your AC tune-up appointment this year? It’s never too late to schedule service! Avoid costly repairs and make certain you’re well equipped to stay cool in Chicago this year by contacting North Town Home Services online now!

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